AMDAX to provide staking and OTC trading for Concordium

Danny Oosterveer Marketing specialist

30 November 2022

We are proud to announce our partnership with Concordium. AMDAX will be offering a staking solution on Concordium’s blockchain to further enhance its ecosystem. AMDAX also is Concordium’s preferred partner for over-the-counter (OTC) trading.


As part of our crypto services, AMDAX wil be offering a staking solution on Concordium to further enhance its ecosystem and to provide secure validation services. Our clients earn a variable yield which depends on the staking reward as set by Concordium. AMDAX acts as a finalizer on the Concordium blockchain and as such will be able to offer attractive yields.

AMDAX will actively engage in the ecosystem growth and interact with Concordium on use case development and enterprise blockchain adoption. In addition, we will be hosting a validator node to contribute to the Concordium network’s security and decentralization.

Preferred over-the-counter trading partner

AMDAX has made it possible for its clients to participate in the private sale of Concordium (CCD). To enable the trading of CCD tokens, AMDAX has launched an over-the-counter (OTC) trading service. We connect people with a buying and selling interest and act as counterparty for both parties involved in the transaction.

About Concordium
Concordium is a Public and Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a unique ID layer at the protocol. Concordium differs by offering fast and real finality with low transaction fees, stable in FIAT, expressed in CCD, its native token.

By introducing built-in identity management at the protocol level and zero-knowledge proofs, Concordium eases compliance by replacing anonymity with perfect identifiable privacy.

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AMDAX believes in a decentralized future and provides crypto services to preserve and grow wealth. As the first crypto company registered by De Nederlandse Bank, AMDAX offers high net worth clients access to the crypto domain in a personal, secure and professional way. As a partner of the BNR Cryptocast, AMDAX wants to contribute to knowledge sharing about the financial system of the future. In addition, the crypto company lowers the threshold by removing the purchase costs of Bitcoin.

Danny Oosterveer Marketing specialist

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