The digital asset house for the serious crypto investor

Amdax was created from a deep-rooted belief in the limitless possibilities and opportunities that blockchain technology and crypto assets offer. We’re building bridges between the world of traditional banking and the new financial world. We make this imposing world accessible for the serious crypto investor. As the Leading Digital Asset House, we offer innovative and exclusive products and services.

Our personality

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With over a decade of experience in the crypto domain, we’ll guide your through the realm of digital assets in a professional way. There’s always someone from our team of experts ready to help.

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The market for digital assets is a fast-moving one. We’re constantly looking for innovations and possibilities to expand and improve our services with a curious and critical view.

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We think of our customers as more than mere numbers: we guide you through all of the possibilities offered by crypto assets in a personal way. We love sharing our knowledge, and, by becoming a customer, you’re guaranteed an exclusive and tailor-made offering of products and services.

Investeren in crypto

We leven in een wereld met veel financiële en monetaire onzekerheden. Hoge inflatie en het overheidsbeleid liggen ten grondslag aan de zoektocht naar alternatieven om vermogen op te bouwen. Amdax gelooft dat we met bitcoin en andere digital assets een weg inslaan die gepaard gaat met nieuwe kansen en mogelijkheden.

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Into the future with Amdax

Amdax believes in the limitless possibilities of digital assets. Our mission is to preserve and grow the assets of our customers in a way that fits a decentralized and digital future. By investing through Amdax, you’re investing in the future with familiar products and services, in an extremely secure environment, and with people that have the utmost care for your assets.

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Geregistreerd bij De Nederlandsche Bank

Na de oprichting van Amdax in 2019 ontving Amdax in 2020 als eerste cryptodienstverlener een registratie van De Nederlandsche Bank. Via Amdax investeren geeft je de zekerheid dat je investeert binnen de huidige regelgeving, zodat je achteraf nooit voor verrassingen komt te staan.

Personal guidance and tailored service

In-house experts, both in traditional banking and digital assets

Expert support and access to exclusive events

Professional infrastructure and the highest level of security

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Registered with the Dutch Central Bank

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