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Crypto asset management

Let our experts manage your crypto portfolio. We bring you the best out of crypto assets with a personal touch.

What is crypto asset management?

Our team manages your assets for you, such that you don’t have to be involved with the complexities of crypto investing. They combine their in-depth knowledge of the traditional financial domain and the crypto space to construct your portfolio based on macro-economic insights, fundamental analysis and quantitative research. In doing so, they seek to achieve a healthy balance between risk and returns, while also taking into account your personal preferences, objectives and risk appetite.

Why choose crypto asset management?

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An experienced team

Our asset management team consists of experts with years of experience in traditional and crypto investing. They know the market like no other and are able to capitalise on it. Their investment decisions are based on qualitative and quantitative models, ensuring your portfolio is prepared for an ever-changing market.

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Personal attention

Digital assets are still a relatively new asset class and often contain new and unknown concepts. This is why personal attention is the default approach at Amdax. You’ll have frequent contact with your personal relations manager to discuss all the developments in your portfolio.

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A clear vision

We believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology hold fundamental value and will play a significant role in the future. Like any new technology, the road to adoption is a bumpy one. At Amdax we know the destination and embrace the challenge.

Our approach

What makes crypto asset management at Amdax truly unique is a team of eight experts that continuously monitors the market. Think of experts in the field of portfolio management, quantitative research and blockchain technology. Our fundamental analysts are familiar with concepts like tokenomics and emerging developments like DeFi, the metaverse, interoperability and scaling. Using this extensive knowledge base, our asset managers are able to navigating the crypto space while making the right decisions at the right time.

Our investment products

Core icon

Amdax Core

Amdax Core is based on a long-term belief in the crypto space. We provide four different investment strategies, varying from defensive+ to offensive+, so there is always a solution that suits your preferences and risk appetite.

Discovery icon

Amdax Discovery

Amdax Discovery offers exposure to more innovative and exotic crypto projects. This relatively aggressive strategy is all about investment themes and narratives. It requires a high risk appetite and some experience with the crypto market.

Trend icon

Amdax Trend

Amdax Trend leverages a well-documented market anomaly. It employs a trend-following strategy to take advantages of upward price trends in the market and protect your portfolio from substantial declines in a downward price trend. 

The Amdax asset management team

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Marcel Burger

Chief Investment Officer

Marcel is Chief Investment Officer and leads the Asset Management team. He holds an MSc in Econometrics and previously worked as a Derivatives Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Consultant and Options Market Maker for over 10 years. Marcel began pioneering crypto asset management services in the Netherlands in 2018, going on to later co-found Amdax.

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Serge Vergouwe

Head of Discretionary Asset Management

Serge is Head of Discretionary Asset Management. Prior to Amdax, he spent 14 years at Achmea Asset Management as a Portfolio Manager in Fixed Income and Derivatives. He holds an MSc in Economics and has been active in crypto since 2017. Besides managing discretionary portfolios, Serge is also involved with quantitative development and macroeconomic research.


Christophe Augrandjean

Portfolio Manager and Lead Fundamental

Christophe is a Portfolio Manager and leads the fundamental research team. He holds an MSc in Strategic Management and formerly worked as a (Crypto) Fund Manager and Equity Derivatives Analyst & Broker. His main responsibilities are fundamental and macroeconomic research.


Thomas Curran

Quantitative Portfolio Manager

Thomas is a Quantitative Portfolio Manager. He holds an MSc in System & Network Engineering and has an extensive background in cybersecurity. Thomas has been active in the crypto space since 2015 and is mainly involved in quantitative development and advanced investment strategies.


Floris Hoogendoorn

Portfolio Manager and Fundamental Research

Floris is a Crypto Investment Analyst. He holds an MSc in Hydrology and has been active in the crypto space since 2016. His areas of expertise are fundamental research and blockchain architecture.

Tim Stolte

Tim Stolte

Quantitative Portfolio Manager

Tim is a Quantitative Portfolio Manager. He holds an MSc in Econometrics and leads the quantitative team. Tim is mainly responsible for quantitative research and development.


Ries Schoot Uiterkamp

Quantitative Portfolio Manager

Ries is a Quantitative Portfolio Manager. He holds an MSc in Econometrics and started his crypto journey in 2017. His responsibilities include quantitative research and development.


Rik Wienke

Portfolio Manager and Fundamental Research

Rik is a Portfolio Manager. He holds an MSc in Econometrics and has experience in crypto investing since 2017. His areas of expertise are fundamental research and trading operations.

How to start with crypto asset management?

1. Introductory call
After your registration, we’ll schedule an introductory call to discuss your investment goals and possibilities.

2. Onboarding and KYC procedure
During the onboarding process, we support you in a legally obligated Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.

3. Risk profiling
We’ll go through your personal preferences and risk appetite in a risk profiling conversation.

4. Portfolio setup
Our asset management team will come up with an investment solution that suits you best.

We keep you up-to-date

You can track the progress of your portfolio using the MyAmdax app or our website at any place and at any time. Besides that, you’ll receive a quarterly update, in which our asset management team zooms in on recent market development and how they affect the portfolios. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to your personal relationship manager.


Interested in crypto asset management?

Are you ready to put your crypto portfolio to work, or are you curious about the possibilities of crypto asset management? Our relationship managers are eager to get to know you in an introductory conversation.

Knowledge sharing

By our experts

Tim Cryptocast Bewerkt

Amdax Quant Tim Stolte attends BNR Cryptocast

Our Quantitative Portfolio Manager Tim Stolte gives an insight into the work of a quantitative researcher in the crypto world in this episode of the Cryptocast.

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Amdax research publications on Medium

The Amdax asset management team regularly shares its own research articles on various topics within the world of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets on Medium.

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Marcel Burger at Bitcoin Amsterdam

Chief Investment Officer Marcel Burger explains the new Amdax Trend strategy during Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022.

Product specifications

Available for




Minimum investment

€100.000,- (or the equivalent in cryptocurrency)

Start-up fee


Management fee

2% on the assets under managed

Performance fee

20% of the return including high water mark 

Subscription fee

With a business or institutional account a subscription fee will be charged

Your crypto assets are kept safe and in full reserve. We charge 0.2% on an annual basis for this. Transactions within the asset management portfolio are charged 0.2% per transaction.

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