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Amdax puts personal contact and guidance at number one. If you have any questions about crypto assets or our services, we’re here to help. You can contact us by phone, mail and chat, or you can come by our office for a personal conversation.


Gustav Mahlerplein 45 1082 MS Amsterdam


Chamber of Commerce: 74458477 DNB registration: R166879

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Frequently asked questions

  • When working with Amdax, you’re working with a fully regulated Dutch entity. We also guarantee full-reserve storage of your digital assets, no credit risk, deep order books, minimal slippage, quick onboarding, a personal approach, transparent pricing and secure transactions. There are of course many other benefits, which you’ll experience along the way.

  • Open an account via the My Amdax-environment. After successfully going through the compliance procedure, you’ll get access to the Amdax platform, where you can buy, sell and store digital assets. It’s also possible to trade by phone or chat.

  • We offer a wide assortment of crypto assets. You find more information about our assets at our trading page.

  • We offer transparent and competitive rates. For more information, please see legal center.

  • After depositing the initial investment amount, there is no minimum or maximum transaction amount. There is no minimum initial investment amount for opening a regular Amdax account. The minimum investment amount for our Algoritmic Investing service is 25,000.- euro. For our asset management services, we require a minimum investment of 100,000.- euro or crypto assets. 

  • Our target customers are high net worth individuals, business customers (personal holdings, private companies, etc.) and financial institutions.

  • If you start trading on the Amdax platform, you’ll need to deposit money on your virtual IBAN account in advance. This is not necessary when depositing crypto assets.

  • Our bank creates a virtual IBAN account for every customer. When you want to deposit money, simply make a transfer to this personal virtual IBAN account.

  • Yes, we do offer a service to store your crypto assets. We secure this storage by way of Multi-Party Computation (MPC). Just like with Multi-Signature solutions (multisig), a private key in an MPC solution is never stored in just one location. MPC-technology protects the key(s) against theft by cybercriminals and internal fraud. This way we can protect against theft, even if a group of Amdax employees were to collude together to steal our customers’ funds.

  • yes, you can exchange your crypto assets to euros at any point in time. Amdax does not rehypothecate, stake or otherwise limit its customers’ access to their crypto assets, unless we personally make a different agreement with you. We store our customers’ assets in a full-reserve way. That means all outstanding balances are fully covered by reserves in our vault.

  • All our customers’ data is stored in a secured database, which is only accessible by the customer and by authorized Amdax staff. Like with any company, but especially as a regulated Dutch financial institution, securing our customers’ data is our highest priority. This is reflected in both our policies and our technical implementations.

  • Yes, you can. Any changes in your profile (like changing an address or an expired ID) can be done by yourself. Some changes require an audit to verify its completeness and validity. In this case, a change in your profile will lead to an (internal) audit. We strive to validate your information within 24 hours. Please be advised that intentional filing of incorrect or fraudulent information can lead to a termination of your account, and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

  • You can call us at +31-882632900 to submit a transaction request by phone. Please be aware that we will ask for verification information before you can request the transaction.

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