Step into the new financial system

Amdax offers its services to both individual and corporate investors. Do you believe bitcoin and other digital assets will be part of a new financial system? Or are you looking for ways to diversify your investment portfolio? Whatever your reason for entering the world of digital assets may be, Amdax is ready to guide you through this new domain.

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Extensive offering of services

Set up a fully managed crypto portfolio with our asset managers, or take matters into your own hands with our crypto-asset investing services. In doing so, you benefit from competitive rates due to our professional infrastructure and international liquidity partners.

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At Amdax, crypto-assets are securely stored and covered in our digital vault. We will not do anything with your assets without your instruction. With a registration at De Nederlandsche Bank, we meet all legal requirements.

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Every investor has different goals and financial capabilities. Our service is personal and customized. Our account managers are ready to discuss opportunities together or execute orders for you.

Crypto asset management

Have your assets managed by our experts, with personal attention and a good balance between risk and return. Our team of experts combines the knowledge and skills from both the traditional and crypto worlds. This way you can profit from the latest developments and achieve an optimal return.

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Business investing in crypto

Do you have a personal holding, foundation or other corporate form and want to invest in crypto? At Amdax, you can open a business account so that you can buy and sell crypto in a tax-friendly way, and use our other services for business investing.

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Starting early to build wealth in crypto

For Young Professionals

At Amdax, we understand your dreams and financial goals for the future, whether it's buying your first house, saving for a world trip, or securing your child's future. Building wealth for the future can be a significant challenge, so how do you get started? At Amdax, we believe in the opportunities and possibilities of crypto. We also understand that investing in crypto requires time and knowledge. That's why we're here every day to guide you through this new world of digital assets.

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Personal guidance and customized services

Traditional banking and digital assets: Amdax has experts from both fields in house

Expert guidance and access to exclusive events

Professional infrastructure and security at the highest level

“I feel that I’m free to ask questions”

Caroline van den Borst has had her own company since 1997. As a magazine publisher, she focused on a niche market in which she distinguished herself by the quality of content and form. She recognized that same high bar at Amdax, and particularly in the sense of security and service she encountered there.

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Want to start investing?

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