Receive interest on crypto assets

Staking is an additional option to generate returns with your crypto assets. Some crypto assets can be staked for certain periods of time. In exchange, you receive a weekly payout. We provide a staking service with which we take over all of the technical work and always stake the crypto assets securely from our vault.

How does staking work?

On a blockchain network, transactions are validated by its participants, so-called “nodes”. How they achieve consensus about the ordering and validity of these transactions can differ across chains. With Proof-of-Stake this happens by participants offering their crypto assets to the network via staking. When staking, participants show their reliability by locking up their funds, and in exchange they are given a reward.

Why staking at Amdax?

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Passive income

With staking you’ll receive passive income in the form of interest. This way you’re making your crypto assets work for you. The interest you receive can automatically be re-invested, so that you profit from compounding interest.

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Amdax takes over the technical parts of staking and will immediately get to work for you. You’ll receive a fixed interest rate, which is determined periodically. The interest will be paid out weekly at a set time.

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Your crypto assets are safe with Amdax, where saving really means saving. Even when staking we maintain our full reserve custody promise: all of the crypto assets remain securely with us. Thanks to our professional infrastructure, your crypto assets are stored extremely securely.

How does crypto staking work at Amdax?

Crypto staking at Amdax is available exclusively to clients. Easily open an account, contact us by phone, mail and chat, or come by our office for a personal conversation. We will guide you through our onboarding process according to financial laws and regulations. Once you have completed this you will be given access to your personal customer and trading environment. Here you can deposit assets, purchase crypto-assets and start staking.

Supported assets and earn rates


Ethereum (ETH)

Cardano (ADA)

Polkadot (DOT)

Solana (SOL)

Concordium (CCD)

Kusama (KSM)

Tezos (XTZ)

Cosmos (ATOM)

NEAR Protocol (NEAR)

Polygon (MATIC)

Earn rate*

2,5-6% APY

2-4% APY

12-14% APY

4-6% APY

8-12% APY

12-15% APY

3-5% APY

14-17% APY

6-8% APY

3-4% APY

Unbonding period**

7-28 days

1 (work)day

28 days

3 days

21 days

7 days

1 (work)day

21 days

3 days

5 days

*Earn rates are indicative and may be adjusted periodically. **The waiting period when taking crypto out of staking.

Ethereum Staking

When you want to stake Ethereum yourself, you need to set up and maintain your own validator. At Amdax, we take care of that for you; you just need to make your ETH tokens available. With Ethereum Staking, you generate additional returns on your ether tokens, which can amount to up to 3.5% annually. At Amdax, we make Ethereum staking available to everyone, with no minimum deposit. We handle all technical challenges and always stake your ETH tokens securely from our vault, with no counterparty risk.

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Want to start staking?

Fill in the form, or contact our account team.

Product specifications

Available for





There are no monthly fees associated with staking. Assets that you have put to work are stored save with us; this involves custodian costs.

* With a business or institutional account, the monthly subscription fee will be charged.


  • Yes, you can only stake and receive interest over assets in Amdax’ custody

  • Amdax offers multiple crypto assets for staking. If you own one or more of these crypto assets, you can start staking. If you don’t yet own any of the assets on offer, you can buy them via Amdax.

    In your personal Amdax environment, you can immediately put your desired crypto assets in staking.

  • Some crypto assets have a so-called unbonding period. This waiting time starts when you un-stake your crypto assets. After the unbonding period has passed, you’re once again free to trade your assets. This (un)bonding period excludes the processing time of one business day to stake or unstake your asset, except for Cardano (ADA) en Tezos (XTZ).

  • On a blockchain network, transactions are validated by its participants, so-called nodes. How they achieve consensus about the ordering and validity of these transactions can differ by chain. With Proof-of-Stake this happens by participants offering their crypto assets to the network via staking. By staking you contribute to the security of the network. In short; staking is part of Proof of Stake blockchains, and not of chains using a different consensus mechanism.

  • No, as long as an asset is staked, it cannot be withdrawn or traded. You’ll need to first make a request to unstake your asset. Please be advised that some crypto assets have a bonding period. After this period of time has passed, you’re free to trade and withdraw your assets again.

  • Please be aware that staking is not risk-free. By staking your crypto assets, you’ll need to un-stake them before you’re able to sell or withdraw them. When we’ve received a request for un-staking, it will be processed during the next working day. With crypto assets that have a bonding period, you’ll need to wait until the bonding period is over before they can be freely traded again.

  • Yes, the staking rewards that you receive will also be staked automatically so that you benefit from compounding interest.

  • Staking rewards can be found in the balance sheet overview in your customer platform.

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