Securely store your crypto

Managing and storing crypto assets is a complex task. Anyone who has crypto assets in their own custody takes on the full responsibility of securely storing their keys. At Amdax, we apply strict procedures and use advanced techniques to store your funds as securely as possible.

Why choose Amdax?

It is our mission to minimize the risks for our customers. We do this by using the highest security standards and offering personal guidance for all of our customers. When you put your crypto assets in Amdax’s custody, your funds are safe, and you don’t need to worry about theft or loss.

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Amdax is at the intersection of the old and new financial worlds. We’ve made crypto assets accessible to all, and personal contact is our default mode of operation. Our specialists are available at any time to help you while using our services.

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Your crypto assets are safe with Amdax. We store all digital assets in a full reserve way; which means that all outstanding balances are fully covered by reserves in our vault and are not rehypothecated. From cold storage to distributed transaction signing, our professional infrastructure goes the extra mile.

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Amdax is the first Dutch crypto service provider to be registered with the Dutch Central Bank. Our compliance specialists and legal experts are constantly on the lookout for any changes in the regulatory framework.

Lower your risk

Keeping your crypto in self-custody can be a big challenge. When you do so, you are solely responsible for the storage of your keys, and there are no second chances: when you lose the keys to your wallet, nobody can help you regain access to your funds.

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Our crypto-assets

Although our primary focus is bitcoin, we offer a divers number of other crypto-assets.

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Storing crypto with a specialised party

We secure your funds against theft, hackers and loss of keys. Next to that, we’ve taken measures against any emergencies, like when something should happen to you or to Amdax.

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Personal Storage Plan

Next to our storage service, Amdax offers a Personal Storage Plan. In this plan we document certain arrangements about the withdrawal of your funds. These arrangements can, for example, include safewords that can alert us to you being pressured to withdraw your funds, or adding a waiting period for a withdrawal. The Personal Storage Plan will soon be available to our customers.

Full reserve custody: your assets are stored 1 on 1
Exceptional software by Fireblocks to securely store your crypto assets
Our customers’ crypto funds are in custody of the Amdax Foundation. If something goes wrong with Amdax, your funds will remain your property.
• Cold storage custody: crypto assets are securely saved offline, which makes it impossible for others to access your crypto funds.

Interested in our custody service?

Want to store your crypto assets with Amdax or do you have any questions? Our experts are happy to help you.

Product specifications

Available for




Minimum investment


Custody fee

0,6% per year

* With a business or institutional account, the monthly subscription fee will be charged.

Other products and services

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Managed Wealth

Have your assets managed by our team of experts from both the traditional and crypto world.

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Buy and trade crypto assets at the best rates through our professional and secure infrastructure.

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Earn a weekly interest with your crypto assets.

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