Invest in private sales

A private sale is an early investment round. Investing in private sales allows crypto investors to gain early access to promising projects before they become publicly available.

What is a private sale?

The crypto market is always innovating. Opportunities in the form of new projects appear regularly. New projects raise capital through various investment rounds. Unlike a public sale, such as an IPO, where the sale is open to the general public, a private sale is an early investment round where participants can invest in a project in exchange for tokens.

Exclusive investment opportunity

Investments in private sales of crypto assets allow investors to gain early access to promising projects before they become publicly available. Often, in early rounds of investment, such as private sales, investors can buy tokens for a more favourable valuation compared to the valuation at launch or public sales.

Private sales at Amdax

Participating in private sales is usually not possible for individuals or individual corporate investors. At Amdax, we offer our customers the exclusive opportunity to invest early in new projects.

These new projects are vetted by Asset Management, a team of experts that constantly analyse the market. These include experts in portfolio management, quantitative research and blockchain technology. Our fundamental analysts are familiar with concepts such as tokenomics and emerging developments such as DeFi, the metaverse, interoperability and scalability.

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Exclusive opportunity to participate in private sales

Participate at a potentially favourable valuation

Benefit from the knowledge of Amdax's experts

A selection of projects from previous private sales

Examples of private sales at Amdax


CVEX is developing a DEX (Decentralised Exchange) where users can trade options and futures of major crypto assets in real-time and on-chain. What sets the platform apart is that futures and options trading, as well as collateral management, takes place entirely on the blockchain.

Concordex 3

Concordex is the first DEX (Decentralized Exchange) being released on the Concordium blockchain. This promotes the adoption of the Concordium blockchain by attracting users, projects, and liquidity to the ecosystem.

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Concordium is a public and Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a unique ID layer embedded in the protocol. Concordium distinguishes itself by offering fast and true finality with low transaction costs, stable in FIAT, expressed in CCD, the proprietary token. With built-in protocol-level identity management and zero-knowledge proofs, Concordium facilitates compliance by replacing anonymity with perfectly identifiable privacy.

Invest in private sales?

When an investment opportunity presents itself you, as a customer of Amdax, get the exclusive opportunity to participate. Want the opportunity to invest in private sales? Then sign up as an Amdax customer.

Why choose Amdax?

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Amdax is at the intersection of the old and new financial worlds. We’ve made crypto assets accessible to all, and personal contact is our default mode of operation. Our specialists are available at any time to help you while using our services.

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Amdax is the first Dutch crypto service provider to be registered with the Dutch Central Bank. Our compliance specialists and legal experts are constantly on the lookout for any changes in the regulatory framework.

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Your crypto assets are safe with Amdax. We store all digital assets in a full reserve way; which means that all outstanding balances are fully covered by reserves in our vault and are not rehypothecated. From cold storage to distributed transaction signing, our professional infrastructure goes the extra mile.

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*With a business or institutional account, the monthly subscription fee will be charged.

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