Amdax Discovery

Crypto asset management with an investment strategy that lets you benefit from investing early in the right projects.

What is Amdax Discovery?

Amdax Discovery is our most offensive strategy, with a sharp focus on exotic crypto projects. A relatively aggressive approach enables us to quickly react to changing market environments. This strategy is especially suitable for investors with a high-risk appetite. Some knowledge and experience with the crypto market is also preferred.

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How does Amdax Discovery work?

The Discovery profile allows our asset managers to navigate all the corners of the crypto market. Using their knowledge, experience an extensive network, they are able to spot promising development at an early stage. As soon as these opportunities are identified, they act quickly. This causes some positions to be entered for only a short period of time and results in a dynamic portfolio setting.

Why choose Amdax Discovery

Exposure to exotic crypto assets

Most crypto assets are only available at centralised exchanges and are therefore accessible to the larger public. However, more interesting opportunities may arise for assets that are not (yet) publicly traded. Think of assets on decentralised exchanges, private sales or NFTs.

Focus on themes and narratives

The crypto market is characterised by themes and narratives that play out in specific areas. With knowledge on concepts like DeFi, NFTs and the metaverse, the most relevant and attractive opportunities are identified and exploited at an early stage.

Want to know more?

Contact one of our relationship managers to make an appointment

Product specifications

Available for




Minimum investment

€100.000,- (or the equivalent in cryptocurrency)

Start-up fee


Management fee

2% on the assets under managed

Performance fee

20% of the return including high water mark 

Subscription fee

With a business or institutional account a subscription fee will be charged

Your crypto assets are kept safe and in full reserve. We charge 0.2% on an annual basis for this. Transactions within the asset management portfolio are charged 0.2% per transaction. Your invested capital is locked for a minimum of 6 months.

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