Protect your wealth.
Turn to future money.
Invest in Bitcoin.

AMDAX is the first crypto-service provider
registered by DNB in the Netherlands.

Therewith, AMDAX is the best place for the serious investor in Bitcoin and other Digital Assets.

We offer our dedication services to clients with a crypto-portfolio of 25.000 euro or more.

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Financial hedge
We live in a world with many financial uncertainties. Central banks and governments are stimulating the markets at an unprecedented pace. While many companies struggle, financial markets are booming. As this seems unsustainable, wealthy people look for ways to secure their financial freedom. Investing in assets that cannot be ‘printed’ by the government provides the best hedge. Bitcoin is such an asset.
Expected growth
Digital Assets are the newest asset class. They are still very small compared to the other asset classes. Based on this fact alone, tremendous growth of the Digital Asset market is very likely. Bitcoin is the center of this new asset class. Storing value in Bitcoin now, could lead to great increase in value over time.
For the future
With Digital Assets, the financial system is going to change inevitably. Finance will evolve from centrally organized, to decentralized structures. Inventions like smart contracts will govern financial agreements. Stepping into Bitcoin gives you the opportunity to be part of this evolution. Together, we are still early to this change.
Generational shift
We see people invest in Gold to store value to overcome governmental influence in the money system. Where Gold has some great long-term value characteristics, Bitcoin improves on them. Bitcoin is better to secure, better to transport, easier to settle and programmed with an algorithmic monetary policy. It is Internet-ready, young people understand it better than older generations. We welcome both generations to make the transition with us.
Safe & Secure
Losing crypto is a problem of the past. We secure your holdings based on the latest and highest standards – and can include optional insurance for your asset. Also, Bitcoin is transparent and not suitable for money laundering.
With a new asset class comes new regulation. With this step, an investor knows that Bitcoin is here to stay. We assure the regulatory part when entering this world. It lowers the barrier and ensures inclusion. Bitcoin is not for criminals.

Our financial crypto services

AMDAX Crypto Wealth

The most trusted, secure and easiest way for individuals and companies to trade and store crypto.

We are a full-reserve custodian,
with insurance included.

Asset Management Strategies

As an additional option to our Crypto Wealth service, you can choose to diversify your portfolio through an index strategy. Your portfolio is balanced monthly in consultation with your account manager.

Private Investment Management

Active management & customized strategies for each private client.


Crypto Wealth

Don’t know how to start with crypto? Most people start with the basic crypto banking services.
This gets you comfortable and gives exposure to the asset of the future.

Asset Management Strategy

Diversification reduces your risk and increases the upside potential of your portfolio. Move (part of) your assets into our Top Market Cap Index to actively rebalance your portfolio on a monthly basis.

Private Investment Management

This is our Private Client service with custom strategies tailored to your specific needs & risk appetite. Based on your input we will create the best strategy for you.



AMDAX' Crypto Wealth lets you access the world of digital currencies.
You will receive a personal bank account.
You trade with the best rates. Your digital currencies are safe in our full-reserve vaults. AMDAX is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank.
0.00 Free to join, no monthly fee
  • The first Wealth Partner for Crypto
  • Secure storage of crypto
  • Full-reserve custodian
  • Optional Vault Insurance
  • Best-execution trading
  • Auto-invest option
  • Web, App and Chat & Phone

Asset Management Strategy


Once you have joined Crypto Wealth, you can decide
to start using our more sophisticated products and services.
Our most accessible service lets you invest in a basket of different crypto assets. Currently, we offer a Top Market CAp Index.
0.00 Start-up fee
  • Index Tracking strategy
  • Investment diversification
  • Periodic updates & outlooks
  • Strategy build by specialists

Private Investment Management


With AMDAX you can count on crypto asset management with a private & personal approach.

We take your worries off your hands and you can keep a finger on the trigger if you wish.
Private crypto investments made easy.
950 Start-up fee
  • Actively Managed Crypto Portfolio
  • Personalised investment strategy
  • Entry-exit timing
  • Periodic Updates
  • Crypto storage is insured by default

Why us?

At AMDAX, we passionately believe Bitcoin & blockchain technology will inevitably drive global economic & social change.

We serve private clients and institutions that want to benefit from our tailored approach. We bring the trust and experience needed to help you transit into this new era of finance. Our clients call or chat with us directly. We are always ready to service your crypto needs.

We work closely with both the Dutch regulators to comply with local and EU laws as well as our technology partners to bring clients the oversight, trust, security, insurance, integration, liquidity and other infrastructure needed to have a seamless experience.

Who we are

Based in Amsterdam’s financial heart (Beursplein 5), AMDAX is a firm
dedicated to helping people invest in Bitcoin & other digital assets. 

We are avid Blockchain supporters and passionate builders. 

We provide our clients with private client service, access to market intelligence
and a range of digital assets. 

All of this in an environment where they feel unique.

Meet the team

Lucas Wensing AMDAX



Marcel Burger


Asset Management

Melvin Lazeron AMDAX



Jeroen van Vliet AMDAX

van Vliet


“Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.”

- Leon Luow, Nobel Peace prize nominee