''They have the expertise to make better decisions''

Sabine Kuilenburg Communication & content specialist

3 January 2023

Victor Onvlee got into crypto when it was still very new. Very casually, as he says himself. But the market trended in a positive direction, and as his assets grew in value, so too did his need for better security. For that need, he found a reliable partner in Amdax. Victor mainly appreciates the knowledge about the market in general, and the expert asset management in particular. “When investing by yourself, you’re more emotionally engaged, which doesn’t always lead to the best decisions. With Amdax, I’m able to make use of the knowledge of experts, which makes it easier to emotionally detach from the market. Of course, you’ll still look at the price every once in a while, and you’ll do it a bit more often if the price goes up, but you don’t need to actively trade. I appreciate that a lot.”

Technology and progress

Victor’s curiosity about the crypto space is mainly fed by his faith in technology: “History teaches us that technology is the only way to increase social and financial well-being. There is no other way. We’ve seen it with the development of electricity and machines, and later with aircraft, computers and the internet. The adoption of new innovations always follows the same set pattern. First people will loudly proclaim that it’s impossible, or too expensive, and just a while later the developments find their way into the broader society. In the same way, blockchain will be an inseparable part of our future communities. What’s more, I have very little faith in the enormous amount of monetary inflation and the weak policies of the European Central Bank, so I definitely see a future for a new and decentralized monetary system.

I like the fact that Amdax isn’t trying to do anything more with my money than necessary.''

Potential is everywhere

“The potential applications of blockchain technology are broad and promising. It leads to a certified delivery from A to Z in the entire supply chain, with 100% verifiability on the administrative front. Entrepreneurs want that, because it reduces their production costs significantly. Take the quickly growing gaming industry, for example; I see this becoming a highly competitive market. You used to be able to score a lot of points on a pinball machine, but afterwards you couldn’t do anything with those points. Bank transfers are way too inflexible for this sort of application, so as soon as crypto and gaming start to take off, things will develop quickly. Another difference is the accessibility for average Joe: banks close their doors to small investors, but crypto welcomes them with open arms. So the potential is everywhere, it just needs to be unlocked. I simply want to be there for it.”

Triple A security

“What appeals to me about Amdax’ services is that they’re a Dutch company, and it’s easy to communicate and hash out ideas with them. What’s more, they’re the only party that offers good old fashioned asset management, but with crypto assets. As a knowledgeable partner, they do proper research into new crypto assets and they invest a lot in product development. They’re Triple A in terms of security and data protection. I like the fact that Amdax isn’t trying to do anything more with my money than necessary. When you start looking into the crypto subject, you’re encouraged to start thinking about the world with an independent mind, and be able to live more autonomously. I recognize the same in Amdax, which they combine with an enthusiastic and energetic mindset that I really appreciate. And the bear market? You’ll have to take that for granted if you’re into this space. If you can’t deal with that, you’re better off buying gold. I say: on to the next halving!”

Sabine Kuilenburg Communication & content specialist

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