Who is considered a PEP (politically exposed person)?

A politically exposed person (PEP) is one who has been entrusted with a prominent public function in the last 12 months. Business associates and close family members of these individuals are also considered a PEP.

The following list contains both foreign and Dutch PEP’s:
- heads of state, heads of government, (deputy) ministers, secretaries of state and members of parliament;
- members of the board of a political party;
- members of supreme courts, constitutional courts and other courts of last resort;
- members of court of auditors or members of the board of directors of a central bank;
- ambassadors, delegates and senior army officers; and
- director, deputy director, members of the board of directors or holders of an equivalent position in an international organization (e.g. EU organizations, treaty organizations, UN, etc.).

The following immediate family members of a PEP are also considered a PEP:
- the spouse or partner;
- the children and their spouses/partners; and
- the parents of a PEP.

The following close associates of a PEP are also considered to be PEP:
- the natural persons who, together with the PEP, are identifiable as the beneficial owner of a legal entity, or who have a close business relationship with the PEP; and
- a natural person who is the sole beneficial owner of a legal entity set up for the benefit of a PEP.

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