Investing in Bitcoin

We live in a world with a lot of financial and monetary uncertainties. High inflation and loose monetary policies create the basis for alternative ways to preserve and build wealth. Amdax stands for improving the financial system, with an important role for Bitcoin.

Investing in the new financial system

Bitcoin offers an alternative to the traditional central financial system. Bitcoin is digital and sovereign money; it exists independently of the efforts of a government, central bank, or commercial company. The power over it lies with the users who collectively ensure that everyone follows the rules. As a result, there is no central party that can change the rules halfway through, such as increasing the money supply. It is not surprising that Bitcoin is also called 'digital gold.'

Bitcoin is the most disruptive technology of the 21st century

With the advent of the internet, information was digitized. Wikipedia is the new encyclopedia, streaming services replace CDs and DVDs, and Google Maps makes a road map unnecessary. However, digitizing money proved to be not so easy. The underlying problem is the double-spend problem. When you share something online, such as a photo, the recipient gets a copy. Multiplying the product is fine for a photo, but not for money.

The technological innovation of Bitcoin is that it enables digital property transfer. The essence of the invention of Bitcoin is that it is the first time it has been possible to transfer something digitally from one person to another without a central party keeping the accounting or administration. The power of Bitcoin lies in the following unique characteristics:

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  1. Bitcoin is an open digital currency allowing anyone to participate without needing permission.
  2. Bitcoin is a worldwide network that transcends borders and has no physical location. 
  3. Bitcoin is neutral, with no political or religious bias. Bitcoin doesn't have an opinion on how, when, or where you spend your money. 
  4. Bitcoin is censorship-resistant, meaning no one can stop or reverse transactions, or shut down the network.
  5. Bitcoin is public, making it transparent and verifiable for everyone to ensure that all rules are followed.

Why should you invest in Bitcoin?

  • Investing in Bitcoin offers an asymmetrical opportunity for enormous long-term gains, with a maximum loss equal to the initial investment.
  • It is a chance to invest early in a monetary network, compared to investing in companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook when they were in their early stages.
  • Bitcoin is a store of value that protects against loss of purchasing power during times of hyperinflation. It is similar to real estate, gold, and land because it cannot be printed or created out of thin air.
  • Bitcoin is a new investment category that provides an additional option to your investment portfolio. It operates outside of financial systems, making it independent of banks' financial stability, government benevolence, and sound monetary policy.

The value of Bitcoin

Bitcoin as a payment method

Bitcoin is a better alternative for those living in areas with less favorable payment systems. It is fast, cheap, inclusive, and not subject to censorship or surveillance. People can use it for daily purchases, sending money to family working abroad or transferring money across borders during conflict. Bitcoin is a form of global currency that doesn't exclude anyone.


The value of Bitcoin

Bitcoin as a savings instrument

Traditional savings methods are no longer profitable due to minimal interest rates, high inflation, and an increasing money supply. Bitcoin's unique features make it scarce and valuable in the long run, positioning it as an alternative to bonds, stocks, and real estate. More and more people view Bitcoin as a savings instrument to maintain and grow their wealth over time.

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Invest in Bitcoin through well-known products and services

At Amdax, we bridge the gap between the world of traditional banking and that of crypto and digital assets. By doing so, we make the new financial world accessible. At Amdax, you invest in the future, with well-known products and services. We employ institutional-class security procedures and take far-reaching care of your assets.

Our knowledge and expertise from traditional finance and the crypto world guide you through the world of crypto and digital assets. We know the crypto market from the bottom and are at the forefront of safe custody, trading, and laws and regulations.

Start investing in Bitcoin?

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A selection of our services

A secure environment to invest in Bitcoin

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Trade Bitcoin

Buy and trade Bitcoin at the most competitive rates through our professional and secure infrastructure.

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Store Bitcoin

Store your Bitcoin securely in our vault.

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Bitcoin savings plan

Periodically purchase Bitcoin for an amount of choice with our savings plan.

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Bitcoin child account

Save Bitcoin in your child's name for the future of your child.

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Asset Management

Let our specialists with knowledge from both the traditional and cryptocurrency world manage your wealth.

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Bitcoin Algo

Invest in bitcoin automatically to increase your bitcoin position.

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