About Us

Based in the financial heart of Amsterdam, AMDAX is dedicated to helping people invest in Bitcoin and digital assets. We provide private client services, access to market intelligence, and investment opportunities across a range of digital assets. Our services are always tailored to the unique circumstances of each client.


To create and promote a regulated, seamless and secure trading and custody experience.   

We pride ourselves on delivering an approach to our clients’ needs that is respectful of their privacy and fully compliant with all relevant regulations. With nearly a decade of experience in the blockchain sphere and years of regulatory diligence, our team is uniquely situated to guide our clients through the realm of digital assets. One of our greatest joys lies in sharing this knowledge and grow the space with our clients.


AMDAX B.V. is registered (number R166879) with De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB) as a provider of crypto services. DNB supervises compliance by AMDAX B.V. of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act and the Sanctions Act 1977.

AMDAX B.V. is not subject to the prudential supervision of DNB or the conduct of business supervision of the AFM. This means that no financial requirements or business risks are monitored and there is no specific financial consumer protection.


director / CFRO

Lucas is director at AMDAX. His daily bread and butter is finance, compliance, technology development, IT security, marketing, HR and legal aspects. In his previous life, Lucas founded, ran, and successfully sold StartReady to KPN. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the entrepreneurial table and possesses a diversified skillset capable of launching, managing, and growing organizations to scale. Beyond his interests in Bitcoin and financial technology, Lucas is also a connoisseur of single malt Scotch whisky. Never satisfied with satisficing, he sets–and meets–high standards for himself and others. Performance, quality, standards, and a high degree of functioning is what motivates Lucas and enables him to deliver value to his clients.


Co-Founder & COMMERCE

Valentino is the co-founder and director of AMDAX and has long been building a bridge between the traditional financial and cryptocurrency worlds. With an academic background in both business and psychology, he started his investment and trading career at a young age in the early Bitcoin days and has followed the progress of the field ever since. Valentino also has a background in investment banking, product development, operations, and sales, and nurtures a long-standing interest in human enhancement (cognitive, technological, and biological) in his rare moments of leisure.


Asset Management

Marcel has more than ten years of experience in the financial markets. He worked for Achmea Investment Management and EY and managed assets of more than EUR 100 billion for large pension funds. In 2018, he founded BurgerCrypto, providing tailor-made crypto investment services to high net worth individuals.
AMDAX acquired BurgerCrypto in 2020. Marcel has been AMDAX’s Chief Investment Officer ever since.


CO-FOUNDER & operations

Melvin is co-founder and director of AMDAX. His main focus is on trading, custody, customer success, and optimizing operational capabilities. Melvin has extensive experience in trading and investing, and a background in business and economics, and a professional background working with high-frequency cryptocurrency funds. Always keen on the technological edge, Melvin’s interests span across AI and machine learning, bio- and space technology, real estate, and entrepreneurship. Those in the know describe him as dedicated, precise, ambitious, analytical, and straight to the point in his work and communications.

van Vliet


As CTO Jeroen is responsible for internal IT & Security and software development. By working at various IT companies, including Microsoft, Jeroen has a strong background in software development and prefers to build innovative products together with a small team of technicians. In doing so, he wants to bridge the gap between business & IT. In his previous position he was founder and CTO at StartReady which was successfully sold to KPN in 2018. In addition to being a technical enthusiast, Jeroen is an investor and enthusiast of racing bikes and Formula 1.