Delegating Stake in Concordium

Concordium is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain where token holders can earn Concordium (CCD) tokens by staking their CCD’s. However, operating as a validator node (called a “baker” in the Concordium ecosystem) is often difficult, time-consuming and requires in-depth technical knowledge. We at Amdax can help you with that. By delegating your stake to us, you can receive rewards and help secure the network, without any of the hassle of operating your own node.

What is delegation?

Owners of digital assets from proof of stake (PoS) protocols can do more than simply hold their tokens in a wallet. One of their options is to delegate their stake — a process of contributing their tokens to a validator node in order to conduct validation. Delegation is the name of the process that enables staking your tokens without running your own node. Delegation presents an opportunity for token holders to support and participate actively in securing blockchain networks. In exchange, they may earn rewards in the form of more tokens.

Why choose delegating stake?

Toegankelijke CCD staken bij Amdax

Staking, the easy way

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You help secure the network

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You earn CCD tokens

Concordium Staking

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Why choose AMDAX?

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Product specifications

Available for

All CCD holders. You do not have to be an AMDAX client to delegate your stake.

Minimum investment

There is no minimum amount required to stake your CCD tokens. Please keep in mind to have sufficient CCD tokens available in your disposable balance to cover transaction fees.


Depends on serveral factors, such as the number of CCD tokens that are delegated,the selected baker, and the reliability of this baker. The reward also depends on how much is being staked by the baker in total. You can find the current Baker and Delegator APY’s on the CCDScan dashboard. Rewards are distributed daily at 08:00 AM UTC.


There is a 21-day cool-down period. This is a period in which you cannot change the delegated amount or switch to another baker. This cool-down period is activated when you decrease the delegated amount or stop delegation entirely.

Our nodes

Amdax has been baking with over 400 million CCD since the genesis block of the Concordium Blockchain and is highly experienced in running baker nodes. The annual staking reward percentage has varied between 9.5-15.5%.


Node name

Node ID

Baker ID: 1915

Amdax Financial Services 1915


Baker ID: 1916

Amdax Financial Services 1916


How to start staking with Amdax?

Step 1

Download the Concordium Mobile Wallet

Step 2

Follow this guide and the below steps to start staking. Make sure to select ‘Mobile Wallet’.

Step 3

Go to the Accounts screen.

Step 4

Tap on the balance area of the account you want to delegate from or tap More.

Step 5

Tap the menu and tap Delegation. If you are delegating for the first time, you see some information about delegation. Tap Register delegation.

Step 6

If you want to delegate to a specific pool tap Baker pool and enter the Baker ID of the pool owner. If you are delegating to passive delegation, tap Passive delegation. Tap Continue.

Step 7

You can see your balance available to delegate. Enter the Amount you want to delegate in the field. And tap Yes, restake to restake any rewards or tap No, don’t restake if you don’t want to restake rewards. If you do not restake, rewards are deposited to your disposable balance. Tap Continue.

Step 8

Review the information in the transaction overview. When you are satisfied, tap Submit delegation transaction.

Step 9

Once the transaction is submitted you see a confirmation screen. Tap Finish to complete the action.

Once the transaction is finalized, the delegation is effective from the next pay day. You can see the delegation in the account list and on the account card.

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