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With Amdax Ventures, we invest in young crypto projects based on our deep-rooted belief in the limitless potential of blockchain technology and crypto assets. We offer funding, institutional-grade services, and expert support for your crypto project. We help launch or accelerate your project so you can focus on the core.

What is Amdax Ventures?

Amdax Ventures specializes in providing services to crypto projects, facilitating growth in the blockchain industry, and contributing to the success of your crypto project. We support you with financial and technical challenges, such as raising funding, treasury management, professional custody, setup staking infrastructure, and non-custodial market making.

Amdax Ventures for crypto projects

What we can do for you:


To successfully develop and position your project in the market, it is vital to have sufficient financial resources. Raising capital is often a challenge for young crypto projects. Through our extensive network in both the traditional financial and crypto world, Amdax helps you with funding your crypto project.

Treasury management

After the early investment rounds, you have likely raised a large sum of money. Proper treasury management is fundamental to preserving and growing your crypto project. Through our treasury service management services, we aim to help you:

  • Managing FX risk when you raise funds in one currency, but your expenses are in another currency;
  • Managing funds to meet short- and long-term obligations (liquidity management);
  • Actively balancing risk and returns, helping generate yield on the crypto assets that won't be needed at short notice.
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Market making support

After being listed there must be ample liquidity. At Amdax we offer the possibility for a non-custodial market maker to use our infrastructure. In this setup Amdax:

  • Deploys funds to exchanges for the market maker to use;
  • Makes sure balances for the different coin pairs are sufficient;
  • Provides reporting on the exchange balances and flows;
  • Rebalances over different exchanges on request;
  • Arranges institutional-grade custody of the funds.

Institutional-grade custody

Being in control of your crypto assets and the ease of use is highly important, especially when dealing with large volumes. By setting up cold wallets and providing multi-signature facilities, we provide institutional-grade custody for crypto assets to keep your capital extremely secure.

Staking infrastructure

Securely running a staking infrastructure requires specialized knowledge and the appropriate technical facilities. We can set up a secure staking infrastructure including nodes, to contribute to the decentralization of the network.


As a professional service provider, we have direct access to the larger liquidity providers, so we can guarantee high-volume trading at the best possible price. Our infrastructure minimizes the operational risk that arises when managing funds between different exchanges or accounts. By using algorithms on top of our infrastructure, we provide efficient and sophisticated order execution.

OTC trading

For OTC transactions, we understand the importance of a regulated and safe environment for early token participants who wish to buy or sell. Therefore, we can build a secondary market that is fully compliant with all relevant regulations, always ensuring the safety and security of your assets.

Consulting services

To succeed, it is important to make the right strategic decisions for your project. We provide strategic advice on vital areas such as exchange listings, significant developments to consider, and the positioning of your product in the market. We help you to make well-informed decisions about your strategy and the future direction of your project.

Why choose Amdax Ventures

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Experienced and highly adaptive team

Our team consists of experts with experience in traditional finance and crypto investing. We know the market like no other and are familiar with almost all protocols. This enables us to identify emerging trends, react quickly to new opportunities and manage risk well.

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Institutional-grade services

We provide institutional-grade custody and trading solutions for crypto projects. With advanced trading facilities and expertise, we ensure reliable and trustworthy services. We offer efficient algorithmic order execution and deep liquidity for large volumes.

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Regulatory compliant

We have developed a Client Acceptance Procedure and Anti-money Laundering Compliance Program to maintain the highest possible compliance with applicable laws and regulations related to anti-money laundering and sanctions. As the first Dutch crypto company registered at The Dutch Central Bank, we proactively strive to stay ahead of new regulations.

Our portfolio


Our services for Concordium include:

  • Strategic advisory;
  • Running a staking infrastructure including baker nodes;
  • Market making support;
  • Providing additional professional crypto services.
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Our services for Concordex include:

  • Participation in the private sale;
  • Providing additional professional crypto services.
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