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At Amdax, we understand your dreams and financial goals for the future, whether it's buying your first house, saving for a world trip, or securing your child's future. Building wealth for the future can be a significant challenge, so how do you get started? We believe in the opportunities and possibilities of crypto. We also understand that investing in crypto requires time and knowledge. That's why we're here every day to guide you through this new world of digital assets.

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Why start investing at a young age?

Let's say you start investing at the age of 25 with an annual contribution of 5000 euros. If you continue this until you're 65, you would have contributed a total of 205,000 euros. Assuming a 10% annual return, this would amount to just under 2.5 million euros.

If you start investing at the age of 45 and contribute 10,000 euros annually, you would still have contributed a total of 205,000 euros by the time you're 65. Based on a 10% annual return, this would amount to approximately 640,000 euros.

As you can see, there's a significant difference. This is due to the compounding effect, where your invested money grows exponentially over the long term. Time is a crucial factor. The more time you have, the more your investment can grow.

Why invest in crypto with Amdax?

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Personal and accessible

At Amdax, we aim to make the world of digital assets accessible to everyone, and personal contact is essential to us. Our team of experts from traditional finance and the crypto world is available daily to support and guide you through this new world.

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The crypto world moves quickly, and at Amdax, we have a critical and curious outlook focused on the future. We continuously seek innovations and possibilities to expand or improve our services, so you can easily invest in crypto in a way that suits you.

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Safe and reliable

Amdax is a professional custodian, and when we say safe, we mean it. We don't lend out your assets and keep them securely stored in our digital vault with the highest security standards. We don't do anything with your crypto assets without your instructions. With registration at De Nederlandsche Bank, we comply with all legal requirements.

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Investing in crypto is an interesting and potentially profitable way to achieve your financial goals. Innovation, technology, and finance come together in this new world, offering limitless opportunities. We believe that crypto provides the chance to make a significant leap and fulfill your financial dreams.

If you have funds available for investing in crypto, there are various ways you can do it. Make a one-time investment or diversify your risk by regularly contributing smaller amounts through our savings plan. Earn interest on your crypto assets through staking or let your child(ren) save in their own name with the children's account. If you want to invest with your partner, family member, or friend, you can easily do so with a joint account.

No matter how you choose to invest in crypto, your wealth is always secure with us. You don't need to take extra measures for the safe storage of your crypto assets.

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Open an account and start investing in crypto. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our experts.

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We keep you informed about all developments in the crypto market.

At Amdax, we believe in providing you with the best information, knowledge, and insights into the crypto market. We separate the signal from the noise. We provide weekly updates on the crypto market, the news, and what's happening behind the scenes in our Weekly. Additionally, our experts provide monthly insights into the financial markets in the Amdax Insights video update, exclusively available to our clients.

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Crypto savings plan

Private Sales (minimum investment €15,000)

Algorithmic Investing (minimum investment €25,000)

Asset Management (minimum investment €100,000)

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