Joint account

Would you like to use our services together with your partner, family member, or friend? You can do so with our joint account. Buy and sell, store, and stake crypto assets easily. Through the Amdax app, you will always have access to your portfolio, anywhere, and anytime.

What is a joint account?

With a joint account, both of you are owners of a single account. You both have access to your crypto assets and can use our services. Explore together the possibilities of the world of digital assets.

Why choose a joint account?

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Simple and transparent

With a joint account, you have a clear overview of your wealth. Stake crypto assets for higher returns or save together for your new home, children, or dream vacation with the crypto savings plan.

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Shared access

The joint account is always accessible to both of you, even if something happens to one of you. In the event of death, the account will not be blocked, and you will retain access to your wealth without the need for a transfer.

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Shared investment and cost-sharing

By pooling your money together, you have the potential to achieve higher returns due to the larger amount invested. Assuming compound interest, this means that a larger invested amount will generate more returns over the long term.

How does a joint account work at Amdax?

In a joint account, both of you have authorization over the assets. The account works the same as a personal account, and you can use all our private services.

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Open a joint account

Interested in opening a joint account to invest in crypto and make use of our personalized services? Please contact our account team.

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A selection of our services

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Crypto savings plan

Invest in crypto assets periodically.



Store your assets safe with a registered custodian.

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Buy and trade crypto assets at the best rates through our professional and secure infrastructure.

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Earn a weekly interest with your crypto assets.

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Asset Management

Have your assets managed by our team of experts from both the traditional and crypto world.


  • At the beginning of the new calendar year, we provide you with a position overview of the previous calendar year. It shows the value of the account as of January 1 at midnight. With this overview, you can easily report your crypto assets to the Tax Authority.

  • If you wish to terminate the joint account, for example, in the event of a breakup or for any other reason, please contact our account team. We will guide you through further steps, depending on your specific situation. Certain documents or requirements may be necessary to complete the termination of the joint account.

  • Depending on the situation, we can either split the joint account into two personal accounts or allow you to withdraw (a portion of) the accumulated crypto assets.

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