Private crypto staking

With great wealth comes matching security. Exclusively for high net-worth clients, we offer private staking. Allow you to earn maximum returns on your crypto assets and benefit from maximum security. Private staking is set up according to your security wishes and is available for your desired Proof-of-Stake blockchain.

Why private staking?

How crypto staking works vary from blockchain to blockchain. So does the degree to which you have to make concessions on the security of your crypto assets when you deploy them for staking. Are you doing this from your own nodes? Then the compromises for security are limited. However, this does require adequate technical knowledge and facilities. Do you stake your crypto assets through a third party? Then you quickly face security limitations.

With Private Staking at Amdax, you can stake your crypto assets through our nodes, while benefiting from the optimal security of our custody service. We set up the staking infrastructure based on your personal security needs and preferences. With our custom staking configuration, we are facilitating crypto staking for practically any PoS protocol.

The benefits of private staking

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Optimal staking rewards

Our advanced node infrastructure allows us to achieve the optimal staking revenue for our customers while operating independently of third parties.

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Maximum security

With private staking, you get the best of both worlds. Make optimal returns on your crypto assets with staking. While at the same time, you benefit from the highest security standards in the market with our on-demand custody service.

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According to your preferences

Private staking can be set up entirely according to your preferences for technical set-up and security procedures. For instance, we can customize the process for approving transactions.

Safely storing my cryptocurrency assets while achieving the highest possible returns is very important to me. Since my cryptocurrency portfolio consists of a specific coin, staking is very attractive. With private staking, I can stake my cryptocurrency assets on a personal node managed by a professional party. That means that I don't have to worry about technical management and I'm guaranteed maximum security.

Interested in private staking?

Do you like to know more about private staking or go deeper into the applications we offer? Please make an appointment with Daan Jalving, our expert at Amdax Exclusive. He can provide you with all the details on the possibilities of private staking.


Product specifications

Available for




Minimum investment

€5,000,000 (or the equivalent in cryptocurrency)



* With a business or institutional account, the monthly subscription fee will be charged.

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