Private custody for high net-worth clients.

With great wealth comes the need for appropriate security. We offer private custody exclusively for affluent clients. Your crypto assets will be securely stored in a personal vault. We customize the facility and security procedures to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Why choose private custody?

As your crypto assets increase, so do the security demands. Private custody is available for high net-worth clients, and we will develop a personalized security plan that meets your needs and preferences for safeguarding your crypto assets. We will record how your crypto assets are kept secure and establish terms for withdrawing your assets. Private custody eliminates concerns about the security of your wealth.

Benefits of private custody

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Personal security procedures

We will work with you to establish procedures for storing your crypto assets and conditions for withdrawing your crypto assets. We can create personalized verifications, such as safe words that prevent us from releasing your crypto assets under duress or involving a lawyer or notary.

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Customized technical facilities

With private custody we will tailor the technical design of your vault to meet your requirements. We take into account your liquidity needs, determining what proportion of your crypto assets should be stored in cold storage and which portion should be accessible for staking or trading.

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Personal vault

We store your assets in a personal vault with a unique address, which allows you to have on-chain visibility of your wealth and transactions. You can easily verify your reserves on the blockchain. With private custody, we offer the best possible security against hackers and theft.

How does private custody work?

  1. Intake meeting
    The foundation of private custody is a personalized security plan. In an intake meeting, we discuss your needs and preferences for the secure storage of your crypto assets, and we create a customized security plan.
  2. Facility setup
    Based on the personalized security plan, we will store your crypto assets and set up security procedures.
  3. Annual review
    Every year, we validate the current setup and review whether there are new requirements for storage and withdrawal procedures. If new needs arise, we will adjust your personalized security plan.

As my crypto portfolio grew, I became increasingly concerned about the security of my crypto assets. Amdax guided me through the different options for storing my crypto assets and the specific considerations involved. My personal security plan now stipulates that I cannot withdraw any crypto assets unless a call has been scheduled in advance, and I'm present in the same room with a trusted person. Thanks to private custody at Amdax, I no longer worry about the safety of my crypto assets.

Interested in private custody?

If you want to learn more about private custody or explore the applications we offer, please make an appointment with Daan Jalving, our Amdax Private expert. He can provide you with all the details on the possibilities of private custody.


Product specifications

Available for




Minimum investment

€5,000,000 (or the equivalent in cryptocurrency)



* With a business or institutional account, the monthly subscription fee will be charged.

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