Amdax Core

Crypto asset management with four different investment strategies, based on your personal preferences and risk appetite.

What is Amdax Core?

Amdax Core is based on a long-term belief in the crypto space. We provide four different investment strategies, varying from defensive+ to offensive+, so there is always a solution that suits your preferences and risk appetite.

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How does Amdax Core Work?

Amdax Core consists of four strategies:

  • Defensive+
  • Defensive
  • Offensive
  • Offensive+

Every strategy has a crypto market exposure of at least 25% at all times. This is due to the construction of the strategies, which consists of two components: core and alpha.

Similar to the beta component in traditional financial markets, the core component proxies the crypto market. This part remains permanently invested in well-established assets such as bitcoin and ether and guarantees a constant market exposure. The core component makes up the bulk of the more defensive strategies.

The alpha component focuses on exposure to altcoins and more illiquid crypto assets. It’s the part where we make the difference and outperform the market. If market conditions are favourable, we allow allocations to riskier assets and we scale down these allocations if market expectations turn negative.

The more offensive the strategy, the larger the exposure to the alpha component. Alpha I aims to outperform bitcoin, whereas alpha II is measured against a fiat benchmark.

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How do we manage your assets?

The Core strategies adopt a long-term investment methodology with room for tactical adjustments. This allows us to quickly react to short-term market developments without deviating from our main gameplan. Our investment decisions are based on unique and extensive sources of fundamental, quantitative and macroeconomic research.



Fundamental research focuses on the key principles of crypto assets. It involves all project-specific details, from use-cases to tokenomics. Our team of dedicated fundamental analysts uses its proprietary funnel approach to evaluate all relevant aspects in order to select potentially profitable assets.



Our quantitative researchers are responsible for analyzing data from blockchains, exchanges, the global economy and many other sources. Using statistical models and extensive market knowledge, our experts extract useful signals that contribute to our investment decisions. Based on these findings, a selection of actionable signals are closely monitored using our in-house dashboard.



Similar to traditional finance, the crypto market is highly dependent on macroeconomic environments. Our asset managers keep constant track of crucial aspects of the global economy, such as central bank policies, geo-political developments and general market data.

Why choose Amdax Core?

Amdax Core encompasses the core strategies of crypto asset management. We offer a suitable investment solution based on your needs and expectations. All of our Core strategies are based on a long-term belief in crypto assets. As a result, a fixed proportion of your portfolio remains exposed to the crypto market and is never converted to euros or dollars.

Want to know more?

Are you ready to put your crypto portfolio to work? Our relationship managers are eager to get to know you.

Product specifications

Available for




Minimum investment

€100.000,- (or the equivalent in cryptocurrency)

Start-up fee


Management fee

2% on the assets under managed

Performance fee

20% of the return including high water mark 

Subscription fee

With a business or institutional account a subscription fee will be charged

Your crypto assets are kept safe and in full reserve. We charge 0.2% on an annual basis for this. Transactions within the asset management portfolio are charged 0.2% per transaction.

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