Bitcoin Algo

Bitcoin Algo is a long-only algorithmic strategy focused exclusively on bitcoin. Rooted in quantitative metrics, our approach eliminates emotional biases from decision-making, ensuring that only solid numbers drive our portfolio adjustments.

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What is Bitcoin Algo?

Bitcoin Algo is designed to outperform bitcoin, aiming for higher returns while reducing volatility in your portfolio. The algorithm benefits from price increases by buying bitcoin at the right times, and limits losses by selling at the right times.

How does Bitcoin Algo work?

Bitcoin Algo only holds two assets: bitcoin and/or euro. And exposure to these assets can range from 0 to 100 percent. The corresponding portfolio weights are determined by a set of carefully backtested quantitative metrics. This way, information is drawn from various sources, such as macroeconomic, on-chain, and derivatives data. Additionally, Bitcoin Algo takes price trends and volatility into account. 

If the algorithm identifies unfavorable market conditions and uncertainty in the market, a portion of bitcoin is automatically converted to Euro. When market conditions are favorable, the amount of bitcoin within the portfolio is increased.

Why choose Bitcoin Algo?

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Focus on bitcoin

Bitcoin Algo is our only off-the-shelf strategy that is entirely focused on bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency. The algorithm is made with the purpose of outperforming bitcoin and you only pay performance fees if it succeeds in doing so.

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Data is knowledge

The strategy is built upon the belief that data should be the driving force of all investment decisions. Whether information is gathered from macroeconomic indicators or on-chain models, all our quantitative signals are statistically supported based on economic and psychological theories and extensively tested by our team of experts.

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Fully algorithmic

The Bitcoin Algo algorithm identifies the optimal amount of bitcoin in the portfolio and automatically carries out the necessary transactions to reach the correct strategy allocation.

Prestaties van de backtest van Bitcoin Algo

Performance van Bitcoin Algo

In de grafiek is de performance te zien van Bitcoin Algo. Let op: Houd er rekening mee dat de grafiek een backtest is van de Bitcoin Algo strategie. Dit is geen gerealiseerd trackrecord, maar een theoretisch traject van de prestaties van de Bitcoin Algo strategie op basis van historische gegevens. De resultaten zijn inclusief bijbehorende kosten (zie productspecificaties) en bieden geen garantie voor de toekomst. De bitcoin (BTC) buy-and-hold strategie is gebaseerd op nul kosten.

Start with Bitcoin Algo?

  1. Fill in the interest form below.
  2. New to Amdax? First, open a new account.
  3. Sign the provided power of attorney.
  4. Ensure that the investment amount in euros is available in your Amdax account.
  5. You will receive a message from us once Bitcoin Algo is activated.
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Want to learn more about Bitcoin Algo?

Product specifications

Available for


Minimum investment


Entry and withdrawal fees

1% of incoming/outgoing assets

Management fee

2% per annum of assets

Performance fee

20% of the achieved return with high water mark*

Account fees

For a business or institutional account, the monthly subscription costs are also charged.

Your crypto assets are kept safe and in full reserve. For this, we charge 0.2% per annum in Custody Fees. A charge of 0.2% per transaction is applied to transactions within the portfolio. All fees in the schedule above are excl. VAT. *Please note that, contrary to other Amdax Asset Management services, the high water mark for this strategy is measured in BTC instead of EUR

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