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Take advantage of price trends in the crypto market and increase the euro value of your portfolio with Amdax Trend. This algorithmic strategy is based on methods proven in the traditional investment world.

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What is Amdax Trend?

Amdax Trend is an algorithmic strategy that invests based on market trends. We speak of trends when the price of a crypto asset moves in the same direction over a certain period. The algorithm behind Amdax Trend detects whether there is a trend and to what extent that is the case. In a positive trend, it buys, and in a negative trend, it sells.

The principles behind Amdax Trend

Financial markets often show trends, with prices rising or falling for extended periods. Crypto assets are no exception. When looking at price movements, the following statement often holds:

Past winners tend to be future winners, while past losers tend to be future losers.”

In the market, this means that rising prices attract more buyers while falling prices lead to more sellers. This maintains price movements for an extended time, leading to a self-reinforcing effect in both directions.

Amdax Trend benefits from this by following the trend and not trading based on a price target determined by fundamental analysis.

How Does Amdax Trend Work?

With Amdax Trend, the positioning is determined based on the trend and the volatility of each individual crypto asset in the portfolio. In a strong trend, more is bought than in a weak trend. In increased volatility, the position is reduced. Amdax Trend fully automatically assembles a portfolio for you of crypto assets with a strong trend.

The algorithm checks for relevant price trends once a day. This means that Amdax Trend responds when the market changes direction and trades a maximum of once a day. As a result, this strategy never buys or sells at the exact lowest or highest price.

The Amdax Trend strategy performs well over a long period of time with clear price direction. The algorithm behind Amdax Trend is based on methods that have proven their worth in the traditional investment world.

What does the Amdax Trend portfolio look like?

The Amdax Trend portfolio consists of a selection of crypto assets from the top 20, ranked by market value. From this, the crypto assets in which Amdax Trend trades are selected at the discretion of our team of experts. In doing so, we primarily look at the available liquidity.

Depending on the trend, the extent to which you are exposed to the crypto market can vary between zero and one hundred percent. Your Amdax Trend portfolio is rebalanced to the weights resulting from the strategy every 24 hours.

The algorithm trades in the following crypto assets: Avalanche (AVAX), Bitcoin (BTC), Chainlink (LINK), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Polkadot (DOT), Polygon (MATIC), Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL), and Uniswap (UNI). Within the portfolio, exposure to these crypto assets ranges from zero to one hundred percent. The selection process for crypto assets within the Amdax Trend portfolio can be found in the factsheet.

Why choose Amdax Trend?

Focus op trend

Focus on the trend

The Amdax Trend algorithm responds to the price trends present in the crypto market. The strategy follows the direction of the prices and thus benefits from long-lasting and clear price movements.

Aanpassen aan volatiliteit

Adapting to volatility

During periods of high volatility and uncertainty in the market, the strategy reduces the amount of crypto in your portfolio by automatically converting it to Euros or stablecoins. A higher degree of uncertainty in the market then directly leads to a reduction of exposure to the market.


Fully algorithmic

The algorithm determines the distribution between the different crypto assets in your portfolio and carry out the necessary transactions to reach the right distribution completely automatically.

Amdax Trend backtest & performance

In the chart, you can see the performance of Amdax Trend. Please note: the first line is a backtest. This is not a realized track record but a theoretical representation of the Amdax Trend strategy's performance based on historical data. The results include fees and do not guarantee future performance.

Amdax Trend started on January 1, 2023. The second line provides a representation of the Amdax Trend strategy's performance from that point onwards. The results include fees.

Start with Amdax Trend?

  1. Fill in the interest form below.
  2. New to Amdax? First, open a new account.
  3. Sign the provided power of attorney.
  4. Ensure that the investment amount in euros is available in your Amdax account.
  5. You will receive a message from us once Amdax Trend is activated.
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Product specifications

Available for


Minimum investment


Entry and withdrawal fees

1% of incoming/outgoing assets

Management fee

2% per annum of assets

Performance fee

20% of the achieved return with high water mark

Account fees

For a business or institutional account, the monthly subscription costs are also charged.

Your crypto assets are kept safe and in full reserve. For this, we charge 0.2% per annum in Custody Fees. A charge of 0.2% per transaction is applied to transactions within the portfolio. All fees in the schedule above are excl. VAT.

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