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Binance leaves, 
Amdax stays.

Are you in need of a new party to securely manage your crypto? Don't continue to trade on good luck alone, choose a registered Dutch crypto service provider that offers personal guidance. Amdax is here for the serious crypto investor, with a minimum portfolio value of €2,500.-.

Binance leaves the Netherlands

Amdax stays

On June 16, Binance announced that it must exit the Dutch market. The platform did not receive registration from the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank) to offer its products and services to Dutch investors.

Dutch Binance users have until August 17, 2023, to withdraw their crypto assets. After August 17, all Dutch accounts will be closed. If you have funds on Binance, make sure to transfer them elsewhere before August 17.

Read the full press release from Binance here.

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Make a conscious choice

Why transfer to Amdax?

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Wide range of services

Invest in crypto with services you already know, in a secure way. Some of our range of services:

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Amdax is a professional custodian. We don’t lend out your assets and always hold them one-to-one in our digital vault, equipped with the highest security standards. We do nothing with your crypto assets without your instruction. With a registration from The Dutch Central Bank, we comply with all legal requirements.

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Free Transfer Service

Is transferring a hassle? Not with Amdax. You can do it yourself using our step-by-step plan via the Amdax app or web environment. Have little experience sending crypto? We are happy to help. Use our free transfer service, where we help you with your transfer to Amdax in a video call within 30 minutes.

Registered at the Dutch Central Bank

Invest in crypto assets with personal guidance

All crypto services at one place

Save storage - Your assets are saved full reserve in our vault

Want to become a client at Amdax?

You are very welcome. Open an account or get in touch with us.


Minimum investment


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