Crypto revenue management

With crypto revenue management, Amdax manages organisations' crypto assets. Based on pre-arranged agreements, we ensure that assets received are distributed to the right destinations.

What is crypto revenue management?

At Amdax, organisations can receive crypto and crypto payments and safely store their working capital in the digital vault. Where part of the assets serve as liquid assets, the rest may not yet have an immediate destination.

On our platform, we enable revenue management for companies, setting up business rules for organisations to make sure their crypto assets flow to the right destinations. According to pre-arranged agreements, assets can be bought or sold automatically. This ensures that sufficient euro assets (liquidity) are available to cover operational costs. In addition, we like to think along with you about how the remaining assets can be actively used to generate yield.

Revenue management is fully customised according to the agreements together create.

Together we ensure that there is always sufficient liquidity to cover operating costs.

Remaining crypto assets can be actively managed by Amdax's asset managers to generate returns.

Active management of business assets

When some of the crypto income does not need to be readily available, organizations can choose to let this asset to be actively managened. At Amdax, the asset can be put to work to generate returns. By having the assets actively managed, our asset managers put the business assets to work to generate returns with services such as staking, algorithmic investing and wealth management.

As the market leader in crypto income management, we have the expertise and experience to take your organisation forward. Our team of experts combines the knowledge and skills from the traditional investment world with those of the crypto world. The asset management team pursues a good balance between risk and return. This includes all restrictions, goals and risk appetite.

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Why choose Amdax?

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Professional infrastructure

Amdax bridges the traditional business world and the possibilities of the dynamic crypto market. With the best specialists from both worlds, you are assured of expert and balanced advice.

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Compliant with regulations

Amdax was the first crypto service provider to receive a registration from De Nederlandsche Bank. We follow strict procedures to comply with laws and regulations. Our services are fully compliant with existing and future MiCAR regulations. We maintain strict Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met.

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Experienced European partner

With over a decade of experience in the crypto domain, we’ll guide your through the realm of digital assets in a professional way. There’s always someone from our team of experts ready to help. With our knowledge of the crypto domain and compliant investing, we ensure your crypto investments meet the requirements for this.

Interested in crypto revenue management?

If you want to know more about crypto revenue management or delve deeper into the business services we offer, make an appointment with one of our business experts. In a personal meeting, they can tell you all about the possibilities.


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