Business crypto account

Do you have a personal holding, foundation or other corporate form and want to invest in crypto? At Amdax, you can open a business account so that you can buy and sell crypto in a tax-friendly way, and use our other services for business investing.

What is a business crypto account?

If you view crypto and digital assets as an interesting opportunity, then you can invest in crypto. With a business crypto account, it is possible to invest in crypto with a business entity. A business crypto account is a godsend if you want to invest in crypto from a personal holding or foundation and is also available for self-employed people with a sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited company or public limited company. A business account costs €19.95 monthly.

Why invest with a business account at Amdax?

As an entrepreneur, you work hard to build business wealth. A shame to leave it in a savings account with the current interest rates. As an entrepreneur, you'd rather put energy into your business than the stock market. By investing your money professionally with Amdax, you build wealth in a tax-efficient way. This allows VAT to be deducted from profits for business asset management clients where it cannot be deducted privately. Despite the fact that investing privately seems the most attractive when you expect profits, with the new regulation limiting the RC ratio to €500,000, investing from a limited company is an obvious choice. 

If the business is inherited on death, the crypto assets will also be included. Moreover, transparency is included with Amdax. With the right reports, administration for the tax authorities is a breeze.

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Accumulate wealth in a tax-friendly manner

Profit from Amdax' expertise

Wide range of services

Our services for business investment

At Amdax, we offer suitable services for every business. With a business crypto account, it is possible to buy and sell bitcoin and other crypto assets, keep them safe in our digital vault and generate returns through staking. Want to have your assets actively managed so you don't have to deal with investing yourself? Then wealth management is the way to go.

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Buy and trade crypto assets at the best rates through our professional and secure infrastructure.



Store your assets safe with a registered custodian.

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Asset Management

Have your assets managed by our team of experts from both the traditional and crypto world.

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Earn a weekly interest with your crypto assets.

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Algorithmic Investing

Invest in crypto with an algorithmic strategy.

Open a business account

Interested in opening a business account to invest in crypto with a PLC, foundation or other business entity in a tax-efficient way? Then sign up with Amdax or contact one of our experts.

Product specifications

Available services




Crypto savings plan

Private Sales (minimum investment €15,000)

Algorithmic Investing (minimum investment €25,000)

Asset Management (minimum investment €100,000)


For a business account, we charge €19.95 monthly.


  • At the beginning of the new calendar year, we provide you with a position overview of the previous calendar year. It shows the value of the account as of January 1 at midnight. With this overview, you can easily report your crypto assets to the Tax Authority.

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