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At Amdax, we believe in making the cryptocurrency market understandable. Therefore, we are always open to market analysis or to provide clarification on current events. Below you can find a selection of our media activities.


Lucas Wensing on RTL: '2024 will be a good crypto year'

Lucas Wensing is ceo of crypto company Amdax. Despite the young company operating in a challenging market, Wensing sees the future as bright.

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Lucas Wensing in Quote

Amdax CEO Lucas Wensing talks to Quote about the security standards of our services. What does Amdax do to protect your assets and what do we do differently than other firms?

Leaders in Finance Podcast

Lucas Wensing on his career and entrepreneurship in the crypto world

In conversation with Jeroen Broekema, Amdax CEO Lucas Wensing talks about his entrepreneurial career, Amdax's mission and services, and gives his perspective on the future of the crypto market.

Compliance Adviseert podcast

Compliance in de cryptowereld

In deze aflevering spreekt Mauro Halve (Senior Compliance Officer van Amdax) over onder andere de regulering van de cryptowereld en wat dit betekent voor compliance. 

Wat zijn de laatste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van crypto (toepassingen, fases waar de markt doorheen is gegaan, view van de financiële wereld)? En wat zijn de ontwikkelingen op het gebied van regulering van de cryptowereld? Hoe is het om te werken als compliance officer bij een cryptodienstverlener? 

BNR Cryptocast

Why Bitcoin is a good ESG investment

Danny Oosterveer (Marketing specialist at Amdax and expert on sustainability) joins the BNR Cryptocast and puts Bitcoin against the yardstick of ESG. These criteria can best be summarised as 'socially responsible', and are subdivided into Environmental, Social and Governance. Especially companies can be put along this yardstick, but Bitcoin also fits well. Why? You'll hear in this episode of the Cryptocast.

Web3 Pioniers podcast

Securing crypto assets

Marcel Burger, Chief Investment Officer of Amdax, joins Web3 Pioneers. He tells his personal story and talks about Amdax's services for the Dutch crypto investor. We delve deeper into securing your crypto wealth and discuss the great wealth transfer and what happens to your crypto if you die, for example.


Lucas Wensing on Business Insider: 2024 will be a great year for bitcoin and crypto

2024 has just begun, a good reason to look back and look ahead to the new year with Lucas Wensing, CEO and founder of custody service and asset manager Amdax. In this interview on Business Insider, he talks about how to stand out as a Dutch crypto company in economically challenging times.

7dtv lucas wensing

Lucas Wensing on 7DTV

Amdax CEO, Lucas Wensing, is a guest on 7DTV, the YouTube channel for entrepreneurs. He shares his entrepreneurial journey and discusses the current state of affairs in the cryptocurrency market. He also discusses with host Ronnie Overgoor the positive developments regarding European legislation and the increasing interest from traditional financial institutions.

Tim Cryptocast Bewerkt 1

Crypto asset management, how to beat bitcoin?

Investing in crypto can be done using various strategies. But how do you choose your optimal strategy? And can it outperform the market? Tim Stolte, Quantitative Portfolio Manager at Amdax, explains more about the workings and differences of the investment strategies offered by Amdax in the cryptocurrency podcast on BNR.

Bitcoin mining on the way to CO2 negative

Danny Oosterveer, marketing manager at Amdax and specialist in sustainability, discusses the future of sustainable Bitcoin mining in the BNR Cryptocast.

Danny Oosterveer

Deloitte chooses Amdax as partner for the first crypto transaction.

Deloitte is the first Big Four firm to accept a crypto transaction. A significant milestone for the adoption of crypto assets. Tommie van de Bosch (Blockchain Lead at Deloitte) and Lucas Wensing (CEO Amdax) talk about it on BNR.

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A salary in bitcoin, how does that work?

Receiving salary or pension in bitcoin. Interesting for employees, but also for employers. How does that work? Lucas Wensing (Amdax CEO), Toon Schraven (BLOX), and Geert Rouwet (abab) discuss this in the Financieel Dagblad.

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Our experts on BNR

Tim cryptocast 2

Quants in crypto

Quantitative Portfolio Manager at Amdax, Tim Stolte, provides insight into the work of a quantitative researcher in the cryptocurrency world. What indicators are important, and how does one actually learn this profession? Tim explains this in this episode of the BNR Cryptocast.

Marcel cryptocast

The higher the price of bitcoin, the more demand

Amdax Chief Investment Officer Marcel Burger discusses in the BNR Cryptocast the attraction of Bitcoin to (international) investors.

Lucas Wensing bij BNR

The Dutch crypto landscape

Amdax CEO Lucas Wensing, along with Daan Kleiman of Bitonic and Mark Nuvelstijn of Bitvavo, discuss their thoughts on the current market, marketing, the target audience for crypto in the Netherlands, the supervision of The Dutch Central Bank, and international expansion in the BNR Cryptocast.

EY nominates Amdax CEO Lucas Wensing

Amdax CEO, Lucas Wensing has been nominated this year for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Emerging Markets category.


Trading & Liquidity Specialist Jorn Jacobs on Ethereum Staking

Jorn Jacobs, Trading & liquidity specialist at Amdax, talks with partner Blockdeamon about Ethereum Staking. What is Ethereum Staking and how does Amdax make this accessible and secure for customers in partnership with Blockdeamon?

Jorn - Liquidity specialist at Amdax

More from Amdax

Fe31 Gy Y Xo AE Ev Bf

Marcel Burger at Bitcoin Amsterdam

Amdax Chief Investment Officer Marcel Burger explains the new Amdax Trend strategy at Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022.

BI live

Lucas Wensing at Business Insider Live

Lucas Wensing joins the talk show of the entrepreneurs platform Business Insider to discuss the state of the crypto market and to highlight various investment strategies.

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Quote depicts career of Lucas Wensing

Quote shows how Amdax CEO Lucas Wensing got to where he is now, and why he sees bitcoin as a solution to many of our current problems.

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