Omdat AMDAX zowel Nederlandse als internationale klanten bedient, hebben we onze juridische documenten in het Engels opgesteld. Binnen AMDAX is Engels het uitgangspunt als het om juridische communicatie gaat – de Engelse contracten zijn dus leidend. Indien u vragen heeft over een van de documenten, staan we altijd voor u klaar om deze te beantwoorden – uiteraard (ook) in het Nederlands.

Table of Contents


AMDAX exists by virtue of its reputation and the trust of its clients. We have defined a number of core values. Suppliers of services and products contribute to the reputation and trust of our clients.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are important themes for us, in which respect it ensures, among other things, controlled and ethical business operations. We expect our Suppliers to also contribute to our sustainability and social objectives. This means that the correct procurement procedures must be followed, Suppliers must be screened and the rights and obligations arising from Agreements must be laid down in writing. The definitions from the AMDAX General Purchasing Conditions apply mutatis mutandis.

Controlled and Ethical Business Operations

Suppliers declare to be aware our ethical and safety policies and procurement procedures, and to comply with the same. Suppliers guarantee that it has a properly functioning operating quality management system in place, and they warrant that they engage in controlled and ethical business operations.

Conflicting Interests

Suppliers declare that they will identify potential conflicts of interests and report these in good time and discuss these with us (See Article 2.2 of the General Purchasing Conditions for the contact details).

If a Supplier participates in a tender issued by AMDAX in cooperation with a particular party, it is not permitted to also submit a tender with a third party, unless Supplier notifies AMDAX and provides complete transparency and AMDAX expressly gives written permission for this.

Reliability Screening

Supplier guarantees that Supplier’s personnel who perform all or part of their work at or in one of the offices or one of the computer systems of AMDAX will be screened for integrity and reliability prior to deployment, in accordance with the standards in force in the relevant industry, which will in any case include:

  • Checking diplomas and certificates; and
  • Verifying references and work history statements of personnel with less than five years of work experience.

Depending on the specific situation, for example in case of loaned staff, AMDAX may set additional screening requirements, including the issue of a Certificate of Good Conduct (In Nederland: VOG).

Anti-Corruption and Bribery

Supplier declares that it does not engage, will not engage and has not engaged in any way in corruption, bribery or any form of improper or illegal influence of purchasers, customers, politicians or officials or other third parties, in any way whatsoever. In addition, Supplier will not act in violation of national and international corruption laws and regulations applicable to AMDAX, including the UK Bribery Act and (if applicable) the FCPA.

Supplier is strictly prohibited from issuing or promising (personal) gifts or benefits with a value of EUR 50 or more, to partners, employees or other Suppliers of AMDAX, regardless of their purpose.


In the past three years, Supplier was not ordered to pay a fine or has not otherwise been penalized for breaching the laws and regulations applicable to Supplier in respect of employment terms and labor conditions, environmental protection and integrity. Insofar as it has, Supplier has attached a description of its offences to this statement, with reference to this section.

Fair Work

Supplier declares that it, its group companies and its sub suppliers comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding employee rights and immigration legislation.

Supplier declares that Supplier, its group companies and its sub suppliers are not engaged in illegal employment, slavery or forced labor, human trafficking or child labor; they do not violate the Working Hours Act, the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance Act, the Working Conditions Act, relevant social insurance and tax laws or violate the applicable collective bargaining agreements, that the wages due are paid on time and that the payroll tax and social security contributions due are reported and paid in good time.

Supplier declares that the contractual number of hours of work for employees is less than 48 hours per week. There is no structural overtime, and employees are entitled to at least one day off every seven days.

Supplier declares that the employee participation laws and regulations are complied with and that Supplier’s employees are not in any way discouraged from unionizing or joining a trade union or employee association to collectively promote their interests.

Equal Treatment

Supplier guarantees that in the enterprise of Supplier and its group companies and suppliers, no prohibited distinction is made between (potential) employees on the basis of race, skin color, gender (change), age, language, religion, political preference or personal convictions, national or social origin, property, birth, sexual preference, irrelevant disease or condition, or any other status.

Innovation and Improvement

Supplier will make continuous efforts to improve the quality of the deliveries and to reduce the costs for AMDAX (total cost of ownership).

Duty to Report Violations of Code of Conduct

If a Supplier discovers a violation of the Code of Conduct, Supplier will immediately notify AMDAX.

Whistleblower Scheme and Confidential Counsellor

When there is doubt as to the proper course of affairs, Supplier will discuss this and consult with the appropriate persons at AMDAX, and record these measures and the outcome of the interviews. The primary point of contact is either the Procurement department or the AMDAX contact. If the discussion does not lead to a satisfying outcome, or when Supplier is afraid of discussing this, Supplier will raise the issue as described in “2020 AMDAX 12. Complaint Procedure


Supplier guarantees that it has not cooperated, does not cooperate and will not cooperate in an infringement of Dutch or applicable European or foreign competition laws or regulations (agreements limiting competition, abuse of a dominant economic position, concentration supervision, unauthorized State aid or other forms of unfair competition).

In the event of participation by Supplier in a tender issued by AMDAX, Supplier guarantees that it will not engage in colluding with other potential tenderers.


If requested, Supplier will provide insight to what extent the environment is taken into account in the design of the goods. Supplier will indicate which parts of the items qualify for reuse or recycling (other than by combustion) at the end of their lifecycle. To that end, Supplier will take back the items from AMDAX or pay AMDAX an appropriate compensation in view of the waste processing/recycling.

Monitoring and Audit

Supplier declares that it will actively verify whether Supplier complies with the Code of Conduct and that – when the Agreement with AMDAX exceeds 6 months, or in case of more than 6 deliveries within a two-year period – Supplier will periodically report on this and send these reports to AMDAX upon request.

AMDAX is entitled to conduct or procure an audit of compliance with Supplier’s obligations under this Code of Conduct at least once a year, but as often as reasonably necessary. AMDAX will conduct or procure the audit after a reasonable notice period, during normal opening hours, sparing Supplier’s normal business operations as much as possible. Supplier will provide reasonable cooperation in such an audit.


Supplier warrants that goods delivered and services provided are safe and are delivered safely, at least in accordance with the safety requirements pursuant to applicable law and customary industry practice.

Supplier will provide AMDAX with a list indicating the substances and/or preparations of the goods that are dangerous to people, property or the environment. Supplier warrants that the information it provides is always complete and correct.

The working conditions at Supplier are of such a standard that work can be performed safely and in a hygienically responsible manner, that employees are protected from any form of intimidation, that there is no forced labor and that the minimum age of employees, instruction, training and experience are sufficient so work can be responsibly performed.

Supplier declares that it is against violence and guarantees that no financial or other support is provided to persons or organizations that can be regarded as violent, terrorist or otherwise be socially disruptive.


Supplier guarantees that it, its personnel and personnel of agents engaged by Supplier do not infringe applicable Dutch or foreign laws or regulations in the performance of Agreements with AMDAX.