Ethereum staking

With Ethereum staking, you generate yield with your ether (ETH) tokens. By staking your ETH, you contribute to the decentralisation of Ethereum. In return, you will receive a weekly interest rate that can be as high as 6% per year. We will take care of all technical operations, you only need to make your crypto-assets available. Submit your ETH now and start making yield.

What is Ethereum staking?

The transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are validated by all participants, also known as nodes. To participate, participants lock their ETH tokens on the network. This is called staking. By staking, you contribute to the security of the network. As a reward, you receive interest in the form of ETH tokens.

To participate, participants must stake at least 32 ETH on their own node. Running your own node is not suitable for everyone. It is a serious time investment and requires technical knowledge. The minimum investment of 32 ETH is also a barrier for many. At Amdax, we take care of all the technical processes, you just need to make your ETH tokens available. Thanks to Ethereum Liquid Staking, you can stake with a minimum investment of 0.1 ETH.

Two ways to stake Ethereum

By staking with your own node, you receive the maximum return and contribute to the security of the network. With Ethereum Native Staking, we take care of managing a node for you. Native staking is available with a minimum investment of 32 ETH. With Ethereum Liquid Staking, you can stake with a minimum investment of 0.1 ETH. In staking pools, ETH tokens from different investors are collected. The return on Liquid Staking is lower than with Native Staking.

Ethereum Native Staking

Staking with Amdax means that your ETH-tokens are safely kept in Amdax’ vault. Your node will be managed by Blockdaemon, a well-established and reliable party. Thanks to this cooperation, you can stake your Ethereum on your own node, which is monitored 24/7, has an uptime of >99.99% and is insured against slashing. 

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Ethereum Liquid Staking

Amdax Liquid Staking is the most accessible option for staking Ethereum. Next to that, running your own node is not required and your tokens will remain tradeable. With Ethereum Liquid Staking you’ll receive a liquid token that’s representative of the amount of ETH that you’ve staked, which will be kept safe in our vault. On these tokens you’ll receive a staking reward, which varies up to 6 percent annually.

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How does Ethereum Liquid Staking work?

Amdax works together with Blockdeamon to provide the Ethereum Liquid Staking service. In so-called staking pools the ETH-tokens of different investors will be pooled and staked together. This makes it possible for smaller investors to generate yield with ETH staking. With Ethereum Liquid Staking you receive a liquid token (ETHls) which is tied to the amount of ETH you are staking. The advantage of this token is that they are freely tradeable. Please note that you’ll generally receive a little less ETH than the 1:1 ratio would imply; the sale price is determined by the market.

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Put your Ethereum to work

Are you ready to put your Ethereum to work? Stake your ETH tokens with Amdax today and you can start generating interest immediately.

Product specifications


Available for

Minimum investment

Earn rates*

Locking period

Custody fee

Ethereum Staking

Individual, business and institutional accounts

32 ETH

3-6% per year

Based on waiting list

0.6% per year

Ethereum Liquid Staking

Individual, business and institutional accounts

0.1 ETH

2.5-5% per year


0.6% per year

*Earn rates are indicative and may be adjusted periodically.


  • Ethereum Native Staking requires a minimum deposit of 32 ETH and you’ll receive a return of up to 6 percent per year. With Ethereum Liquid Staking, Amdax makes staking accessible to anyone. With this, it’s possible to start staking starting from 0.1 ETH. Next to that, your tokens remain tradeable. You’ll receive a return of up to 6 percent per year.

  • You can easily activate Ethereum Staking via the web environment or Amdax app.

  • Your returns can be found on your balance statement in your client platform. Returns are paid out every Tuesday.

  • Amdax is a full-reserve custodian of cryptocurrencies, which means that your crypto assets will always remain in Amdax’ vault and will not be rehypothecated. Amdax only works with reliable institutional parties. For example, we work with Blockdaemon to offer our Ethereum (Liquid) Staking service, and all Blockdaemon-affiliated parties are subject to a full KYC and AML screening.

  • There are two types of risk when using the Ethereum Liquid Staking service.

    First is the liquidity risk that happens when you’re trying to exchange your ETHLS tokens back into ETH tokens. Until the Shanghai update, this exchange happens via the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. In this exchange, the buyer takes on the staked ETH position, and the seller gets unstaked ETH in return. Because of this, it’s possible that the 1 to 1 peg is not exactly maintained. 

    Second, there is a smart contract risk. This means that if the code in the smart contract is improperly written, this can be exploited by third parties.

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