Getting paid & saving for later in bitcoin

Bitcoin and other crypto assets play an increasingly large role in our financial system. More and more people are open to getting paid in bitcoin, or having a pension plan with bitcoin at its core. Amdax facilitates employers in making business services for digital assets a reality.

Ready for the future?

Save for later

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With bitcoin savings and retirement options, your organization stands out from other employers. You will have a unique package of employment conditions.

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By offering bitcoin savings and retirement options, you show (potential) employees the innovative nature of your organization.

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Attractive returns

Bitcoin has proven to be one of the best performing assets in recent years. Let your employees save with attractive returns.

At Amdax, we’re convinced that bitcoin will continue to play an ever growing part in our financial system. That’s why all of our employees are saving for their pensions in bitcoin.

Lucas Wensing Chief Executive Officer

Securely save bitcoin for later

When you offer employees a bitcoin savings plan, Amdax converts a fixed euro amount into bitcoin each month. This way, the employee gradually builds up a bitcoin portfolio. Meanwhile, the assets are safely stored in our vault.

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Reward employees in bitcoin

A bonus is a great way to reward employees. Amdax facilitates your company in paying out vacation pay, a bonus or the 13th month in bitcoin.

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Our experts are happy to think along with a solution that suits your organization

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