Crypto Asset Management 

Have your crypto assets managed by our experts.

What is Crypto Asset Management?

Crypto Asset Management is our most comprehensive investment service. With Crypto Asset Management, we take your crypto portfolio off your hands and invest your assets on your behalf. Our asset managers achieve the best possible results for our clients, taking into account your personal wishes, goals and risk appetite. Crypto asset management is possible from an initial deposit of EUR 100,000.

Why opt for crypto asset management?

Benefit from the knowledge and know-how of an entire team of experts.

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Attractive returns

The crypto market is very dynamic and the number of applications covered by crypto assets is rising quickly. Our asset managers know this market like no other, and know how to capitalize on it. Amdax aims for attractive returns while carefully managing your portfolio risk.

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Personal attention

Digital assets are still a relatively new asset class, one that often contains new and unknown concepts. This is why personal attention is the default approach at Amdax. You’ll have frequent contact with your personal relations manager to discuss your preferences, expectations and any developments in your portfolio.

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Your crypto assets are in safe hands with Amdax. We offer full-reserve custody, which means that all assets that we custody actually remain in our vault. Amdax is registered with the Dutch Central Bank.

Crypto asset management

What makes crypto asset management at Amdax unique is a team of eight experienced experts that continuously monitors the market. This team consists of asset managers with roots in the traditional investment world and experts in the field of digital assets. Their investment decisions are based on both quantitative and fundamental principles, but macroeconomic developments are also closely tracked and analysed. Every day, Amdax navigates all this information to make the right choices at the right time.

The Amdax asset management team

Marcel Burger

Marcel Burger

Chief Investment Officer


Serge Vergouwe

Senior Quantitative Portfolio Manager

Thomas Curran

Thomas Curran

Quantitative Portfolio Manager

Tim Stolte

Tim Stolte

Quantitative Portfolio Manager

Christophe Augrandjean

Christophe Augrandjean

Portfolio Manager & Lead Fundamental

Floris Hoogendoorn

Floris Hoogendoorn

Portfolio Manager & Fundamental Research

Ries Schoot Uiterkamp

Ries Schoot Uiterkamp

Quantitative Portfolio Manager

Rik Wienke

Rik Wienke

Portfolio Manager & Fundamental Research

A personal investment profile

Amdax operates based on six different investment profiles. These vary from highly defensive, to highly agressive. A defensive profile consists mainly of relatively well-established assets like bitcoin and ethereum. The more agressive the investment profile, the larger the exposure will be to altcoins and other illiquid crypto assets like private sales and seed rounds. We’ll talk about which profile fits your goals best in advance. Crypto asset management is available from EUR 100.000 or the equivalent in cryptocurrencies.

Your personal Amdax investment profile consists of:

- A core allocation; which consists of bitcoin and ethereum as safe investments
- An altcoin allocation; which consists of a variable mix of altcoins
- An illiquid allocation; reserved for seed rounds and private sales, like crypto assets not yet registered with an exchange. These are early financing rounds, where the crypto asset will only be widely available on the market at a later state, which means that the invested assets will be locked (illiquid) for a certain period of time.

Overzicht beleggingsprofielen Amdax

How does it work?

1. During an introductory call, we’ll talk about your goals and opportunities.
2. We’ll follow up with the legally required KYC procedure. Afterwards, we’ll talk about your goals and risk tolerance during the risk profiling conversation.
3. We’ll set up your portfolio according to your personal investment profile
4. Your personal relationship manager will make sure that your portfolio is updated regularly. You can keep up with your portfolio 24/7 in My Amdax.

Interested in asset management?

Are you ready to put your crypto portfolio to work, or are you curious about the possibilities of crypto asset management? One of our relationship managers would be glad to get to know you in a noncommittal introductory conversation

Knowledge sharing

By our experts

Tim Cryptocast Bewerkt 1

Amdax Quant Tim Stolte attends BNR Cryptocast

Our Quantitative Portfolio Manager Tim Stolte gives an insight into the work of a quantitative researcher in the crypto world in this episode of the Cryptocast.

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Amdax research publications on Medium

The Amdax asset management team regularly shares its own research articles on various topics within the world of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets on Medium.

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Marcel Burger at Bitcoin Amsterdam

Chief Investment Officer Marcel Burger explains the new Amdax Trend strategy during Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022.

Product specifications

Available for




Minimum investment

€100.000,- (or the equivalent in cryptocurrency)

Start-up fee


Management fee

2% on the assets under managed

Performance fee

20% of the return including high water mark 

Subscription fee

With a business or institutional account a subscription fee will be charged

Your crypto assets are kept safe and in full reserve. We charge 0.2% on an annual basis for this. Transactions within the asset management portfolio are charged 0.2% per transaction.

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