Private Crypto Investment Management

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AMDAX started to offer a range of Crypto Asset Management services at the end of 2020 in order to help innovative investors with their crypto investments.

One of the major services offered among those, is the Discretionary Crypto Asset Management service; a tailored investment service that fits the individual investment profile. We aim to bring our clients the best possible service and results while taking their beliefs, preferences and outlooks into consideration.


Introduction: We first start by getting to know you by having a good conversation about what you’re looking for and we offer. Once you are happy to let Amdax manage your crypto assets and you agree on the terms, we will sign an Asset Management Agreement and a Power of Attorney.

Investment Guidelines: In the next step we will sit down to explore your risk appetite, your investment beliefs and other preferences you might have regarding investing in crypto assets. This will help us to set up the investment framework for management of a customised portfolio.



We continuously analyse trends and developments in the market. Nowadays, there are various applications for crypto assets and new developments keep evolving and follow each other up at a high pace.

Understanding the developments in an early stage, offers you a competitive edge in the market as it will enable you to identify promising projects before the majority recognises the potential.


We find and select projects that show to be the best candidate for the narratives or developments we identified in the previous step. The selection process entails proper due diligence and deep dive into other aspects like tokenomics.

Once identified, we will assess the investment risks and determine the relative weight a specific project should have within the overall investment portfolio while respecting your risk preferences.


Since crypto investments tend to show a lot of volatility, timing of transactions will have a great impact on the returns on investment. By means of quantitative analysis we aim to optimise entries and exits for our clients.

Quantitative Analysis can be considered a broad spectrum of different data driven approaches. Due to the decentralised and transparant nature of crypto assets, we have access to a lot of data that wouldn’t be available in the conventional investing domain. We strongly believe that analysis of this data in addition to more conventional approaches offers an edge.


We monitor the market on a daily basis and adjust allocations within the portfolio in accordance to long term regime changes in the market. We keep track of how major crypto assets are performing vs other crypto assets and adjust weights in the portfolio when we deem it appropriate.

The idea behind diversifying your assets is to optimise the risk return characteristics of the portfolio. With our approach the exact target allocations will become sensitive to perceived market dynamics.

Discretionary Crypto
Asset Management

Active management & customized strategies
950 Start-up fee
  • Costs per trade between 0,2% en 0,4% (Tiered Pricing Level 3)
  • Insured Custody included
  • Management Fee 2% of AUM per year
  • Performance Fee of 20% with
    High Water Mark
  • For Private Clients investing a minimum of 250.000 euro in crypto value.