Most frequently asked questions.

The benefits of trading with AMDAX include trading with a regulated entity in the Netherlands, full-reserve storage of your digital assets, no credit risk, deep order-books, the avoidance of price slippage, fast onboarding, a personal & private approach, transparent pricing, secure and discreet transactions. Of course there is plenty of other benefits, which you will learn along the way.

Simple, just onboard with AMDAX. Write as an email, give us a call or follow the sign up link on our website. After a successful KYC check, you get access to AMDAX’s platform where you can buy / sell and store digital assets. Likewise, you can get quotes via phone or messenger (if that is your preference).

Our primary focus is on Bitcoin (BTC) and  Ethereum (ETH) , if you have a special request, contact us and we are able to (depending on the digital asset) add that to your trading screen.

We have completely transparent pricing. To find out more about our fee schedule, please go to our Legal Center 

We work with clients that deposit 25.000 euro at account opening. After deposit, there is no trade minimum or maximum. 

The Asset Management Strategies require a minimum investment of 25.000 euro.  Private Investment Management starts at 250.000 euro.

Our clients are high net-worth individuals as well as Financial Institutions, which include brokerages, hedge funds, private banks, family offices, etc. 

When you first start trading with AMDAX you have to pre-fund your account. AMDAX’s primary banking relationship is a tier 1 German bank. Over time, depending on the track record we establish with a specific client, we may also give them the option to post-trade settle.

AMDAX will give each client a virtual IBAN (V-IBAN). Please send your FIAT deposit to the V-IBAN that AMDAX provides you.

At the beginning of a client relationship, our clients have to pre-fund their account. After our clients have established a track record with us, we also have the possibility to post-trade settle. Digital Asset transfers can take up to 12 hours if initiated manually, depending on the account setup and the fee input. Fiat transfers are usually delivered within the normal 1-3 business days, depending on your bank and the currency.

We have same day (T-0) settlement. This, of course, is dependent on the FIAT gateway which might take longer depending from where the FIAT transaction originates from. 

AMDAX offers (MPC) custody solution for your Digital Assets. Similar to a Multi-Signature configuration, a private key within an MPC-based solution is never created or held in one single place. MPC technology protects the key from being compromised by both cyber-criminals and from internal fraud and collusion, preventing any employee, or group of employees, from stealing the digital assets.

Our KYC/AML policies, as directed by the regulatory bodies we work with (DNB), dictate that we must always face the party that is onboarded for any trades that we execute. Furthermore, the bank account beneficiaries must also match identically the name used in the trading agreement signed by the counterparty.

At AMDAX your INVESTMENT is always liquid. Bitcoin has average daily volumes of 30+ Billion USD. You can always enter and exit this market. In the top cryptocurrencies there is enough liquidity so that your position never becomes illiquid.

At AMDAX you can withdraw your digital assets at any day of the week. They are yours and not locked into any structure. We are a full-reserve custodian.

We are working on integrating a couple of merchants into our platform. This means, that sometime in the foreseeable future, you will also be able to spend your Bitcoins on real products.

All client data is stored in secured storage. It is only accessible by the client and authorized AMDAX personnel. As any business, and as a regulated Dutch financial institute in particular, securing client data is our highest priority. Are policies and technical approach reflect that.

Yes, you can. Changes to your profile (like change of address, or changing an ID that has expired) can be done directly by the client. Some information requires a check for completeness and correctness. In that case, a change in profile data leads to a (internal) approval process. We aim to validate all information within 24 hours. Please be aware that deliberately providing us with false information for fraudulent reasons can lead to an account closure and a report to the relevant authorities.

Yes, you can call us on +31-882632900 and book a trade from your phone. Please don’t forget the verification information that our team will ask you to provide before being able to execute your trade.